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DOI 10.1111/j.1745-6584.2009.00554.x
Titel (primär) Evaluation of combined direct-push methods used for aquifer model generation
Autor Köber, R.; Hornbruch, G.; Leven, C.; Tischer, L.; Großmann, J.; Dietrich, P.; Weiß, H.; Dahmke, A.
Journal / Serie Ground Water
Erscheinungsjahr 2009
Department GWS; MET
Band/Volume 47
Heft 4
Seite von 536
Seite bis 546
Sprache englisch
Abstract Most established methods to characterize aquifer structure and hydraulic conductivities of hydrostratigraphical units are not capable of delivering sufficient information in the spatial resolution that is desired for sophisticated numerical contaminant transport modeling and adapted remediation design. With hydraulic investigation methods based on the direct-push (DP) technology such as DP slug tests, DP injection logging, and the hydraulic profiling tool, it is possible to rapidly delineate hydrogeological structures and estimate their hydraulic conductivity in shallow unconsolidated aquifers without the need for wells. A combined application of these tools was used for the investigation of a contaminated German refinery site and for the setup of hydraulic aquifer models. The quality of DP investigation and the models was evaluated by comparisons of tracer transport simulations using these models and measured breakthroughs of two natural gradient tracer tests. Model scenarios considering the information of all tools together showed good reproduction of the measured breakthroughs, indicating the suitability of the approach and a minor impact of potential technical limitations. Using the DP slug tests alone yielded significantly higher deviations for the determined hydraulic conductivities compared to considering two or three of the tools. Realistic aquifer models developed on basis of such combined DP investigation approaches can help optimize remediation concepts or identify flow regimes for aquifers with a complex structure.
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Köber, R., Hornbruch, G., Leven, C., Tischer, L., Großmann, J., Dietrich, P., Weiß, H., Dahmke, A. (2009):
Evaluation of combined direct-push methods used for aquifer model generation
Ground Water 47 (4), 536 - 546