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Titel (primär) H-1-NMR metabolic profiling of human neonatal urine
Autor Trump, S.; Laudi, S.; Unruh, N.; Goelz, R.; Leibfritz, D.;
Journal / Serie Magnetic Resonance Materials in Physics Biology and Medicine
Erscheinungsjahr 2006
Department IMMU;
Band/Volume 19
Heft 6
Sprache englisch;
Keywords Magnetic resonance spectroscopy; Urine; Neonate; Metabolites
Abstract Object: The measurement of different urine components and their changes over time may provide comprehensive and early information about perinatal metabolic processes and physiological changes. We hypothesized that 1 H-NMR-spectroscopy generating a complex spectral profile without pre-selection of urinary metabolites could identify metabolites determining the neonatal physiological status and discriminating between different metabolic states. Materials and Methods: We studied spot urine of three groups of neonates (healthy term-born, term-born with non-specific bacterial infections, and preterm neonates) for the first 6 days of life using 1 H-NMR-spectroscopy. In the group of healthy neonates metabolites changing were identified and their excretion patterns compared between groups. Results: Six metabolites indicating physiological changes were identified: N-methylnicotinamide (NAD +-pathway), formate, hippurate, betaine (kidney development), taurine (neuronal development), and bile acids (hepatic clearance). While the dynamic changes over the first 6 days were the same for all metabolites in both groups of term-born neonates, the excretion of N-methylnicotinamide and taurine was significantly higher in preterm neonates compared to healthy term neonates and neonates with bacterial infections from the third day after birth (P < 0.05). Conclusion: Urine analysis using 1 H-NMR-spectroscopy could identify markers for perinatal metabolic changes. Further studies have to clarify if the proposed physiological interpretation will correlate with long-term physiological development.
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Trump, S., Laudi, S., Unruh, N., Goelz, R., Leibfritz, D. (2006):
H-1-NMR metabolic profiling of human neonatal urine
Magn. Reson. Mat. Phys. Biol. Med. 19 (6), 305 - 312