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Referenztyp Zeitschriften
DOI 10.1177/00420980241235781
Titel (primär) Child-friendly urban practices as emergent place-based neoliberal subjectivation?
Autor Perez-del-Pulgar, C.; Anguelovski, I.; Connolly, J.J.T.
Quelle Urban Studies
Erscheinungsjahr 2024
Department UPOL
Sprache englisch
Topic T5 Future Landscapes
Keywords child-friendly urban planning; neoliberal urbanisation; place-based subjectivation; urban sustainability; urban wellbeing
Abstract As city-level decisionmakers generate urban policies and spatial interventions aimed at enhancing children’s environments and increasing their health, wellbeing and participation in urban life, they also impact the types of citizens that cities produce. Yet, despite the increasing ubiquity of city plans targeting the creation of child-friendly environments, child-centred transformations within the urban built fabric have not been a major analytical theme compared to other economic, spatial and welfare aspects of city restructuring in the context of neoliberal urbanisation. In light of this need for greater empirical and theoretical exploration of child-centred urbanism, we compare and contrast how plans reorganise children’s urban social space across different neoliberalising contexts. Drawing on empirical research conducted in Amsterdam, Vienna and Bristol in 2019, including 46 semi-structured interviews with key stakeholders involved in child-friendly planning, we contribute to the understanding of how place-based subjectivation processes operate within these plans. We argue that child-friendly urban plans are instrumental in the process of creating subjects that have internalised the norms of neoliberal urbanisation.
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Perez-del-Pulgar, C., Anguelovski, I., Connolly, J.J.T. (2024):
Child-friendly urban practices as emergent place-based neoliberal subjectivation?
Urban Stud. 10.1177/00420980241235781