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Titel (primär) Verification and intercomparison of reactive transport codes to describe root-uptake
Autor Nowack, B.; Mayer, K.U.; Oswald, S.E.; van Beinum, W.; Appelo, C.A.J.; Jacques, D.; Seuntjens, P.; Gérard, F.; Jaillard, B.; Schnepf, A.; Roose, T.;
Journal / Serie Plant and Soil
Erscheinungsjahr 2006
Department HDG;
Band/Volume 285
Heft 1-2
Sprache englisch;
Abstract Several mathematical models have been developed to simulate processes and interactions in the plant rhizosphere. Most of these models are based on a rather simplified description of the soil chemistry and interactions of plant roots in the rhizosphere. In particular the feedback loops between exudation, water and solute uptake are mostly not considered, although their importance in the bioavailability of mineral elements for plants has been demonstrated. The aim of this work was to evaluate three existing coupled speciation-transport tools to model rhizosphere processes. In the field of hydrogeochemistry, such␣computational tools have been developed to␣describe acid–base and redox reactions, complexation and ion exchange, adsorption and precipitation of chemical species in soils and aquifers using thermodynamic and kinetic relationships. We implemented and tested a simple rhizosphere model with three geochemical computational tools (ORCHESTRA, MIN3P, and PHREEQC). The first step was an accuracy analysis of the different solution strategies by comparing the numerical results to the analytical solution of solute uptake (K or Ca) by a single cylindrical root. All models are able to reproduce the concentration profiles as well as the uptake flux. The relative error of the simulated concentration profile decreases with increasing distance from the root. The uptake flux was simulated for all codes with less than 5% error for K and less than 0.4% for Ca. The strength of the codes presented in this paper is that they can also be used to investigate more complex and coupled biogeochemical processes in rhizosphere models. This is shown exemplarily with simulations involving both exudation and uptake and the simultaneous uptake of solute and water.
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Nowack, B., Mayer, K.U., Oswald, S.E., van Beinum, W., Appelo, C.A.J., Jacques, D., Seuntjens, P., Gérard, F., Jaillard, B., Schnepf, A., Roose, T. (2006):
Verification and intercomparison of reactive transport codes to describe root-uptake
Plant Soil 285 (1-2), 305 - 321