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Referenztyp Berichte
DOI 10.5281/zenodo.10466785
Titel (primär) Recommendations for potential target values in cities. REGREEN Deliverable 3.5
Autor Banzhaf, E.; Branth Pedersen, A.; Fitch, A.; Fletcher, D.; Hutchins, M.; Iversen, S.; Jones, L.; Knopp, J.; Levin, G.; Russel, D.; Sang, Å.O.; Scheffler, J.; Spanier, M.; Taylor, T.; Wyn-Owen, D.; Zandersen, M.
Quelle Zenodo
Erscheinungsjahr 2024
Department SUSOZ
Sprache englisch
Topic T5 Future Landscapes
Abstract This document gives a wide array of target values on nature‐based solutions (NBS). In the review,
global institutions and their target thresholds for environmental pressures are discussed, as well as
individual target values set by European frontrunner cities. It also pays tribute to the proposal by the
European Commission for a regulation on nature restoration, for the first time setting concrete targets
for increasing urban ecosystem areas. The adopted text by the European Parliament to require
Member States to define satisfactory increasing trends at national level for urban green space and
canopy cover instead of quantitative targets first proposed in the nature restoration proposal makes
this report even more relevant. This deliverable delineates the gaps and needs to define
environmental target values as standards throughout European cities. Therefore, the REGREEN
project elaborates a typology of target values and illustrates synergies and dependencies between
them. Furthermore, the barriers through silo thinking in governance are reflected. They may hinder
achievement of NBS targets in cities. Major conclusions are drawn reflecting cross‐sectoral insights
from scientists, stakeholders and planners. Multiple benefits and trade‐offs are discussed to deepen
the knowledge of dependencies and synergies between types of targets. Policies demand
recommendations and rely on findings like multifunctional benefits from NBS to underpin
argumentation. Further interaction and transdisciplinary work must be undertaken to break down
barriers and promote implementation of urban NBS. To do so, this document on recommendation of
potential target values in cities may aid fostering this interaction.
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Banzhaf, E., Branth Pedersen, A., Fitch, A., Fletcher, D., Hutchins, M., Iversen, S., Jones, L., Knopp, J., Levin, G., Russel, D., Sang, Å.O., Scheffler, J., Spanier, M., Taylor, T., Wyn-Owen, D., Zandersen, M. (2024):
Recommendations for potential target values in cities. REGREEN Deliverable 3.5