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Titel (primär) Metabolic studies in man using stable isotopes
Autor Faust, H.; Jung, K.; Krumbiegel, P.
Quelle IAEA Technical Documents
Erscheinungsjahr 1992
Seite von 27
Seite bis 36
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Abstract In this project stable isotope compounds and s table ¡so tope pharmaceuticals were used (with emphasis on the application of ,SNI to study several aspects of nitrogen metabolism in man [7-5]. Of the many methods available, the ,SN stable isotope tracer technique holds a special position because the methodology for application and nitrogen isotope analysis is proven and reliable. Valid routine methods using ,5N analysis by emission spectrometry have been demonstrated. Several methods forthe preparation of biological material were developed during our participation in the Coordinated Research Programme. In these studies, direct procedures (i.e. use of diluted urine as a sample without chemical preparation) or rapid isolation methods were favoured [6,7]. Within the scope of the Analytical Quality Control Service (AQCS) enriched stable Isotope reference materials for medical and biological studies were prepared and are now available through the International Atomic Energy Agency. The materials are of special importance as the increasing application of stable isotopes as tracers in medical, biological and agricultural studies has focused interest on reliable measurements of biological material of different origin [8].
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Faust, H., Jung, K., Krumbiegel, P. (1992):
Metabolic studies in man using stable isotopes
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Vienna, 27 - 36