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Referenztyp Zeitschriften
DOI 10.1029/2005WR004085
Titel (primär) Hydropedology: Synergistic integration of pedology and hydrology
Autor Lin, H.; Bouma, J.; Pachepsky, Y.; Western, A.; Thompson, J.; van Genuchten, R.; Vogel, H.-J.; Lilly, A.
Journal / Serie Water Resources Research
Erscheinungsjahr 2006
Department BOPHY
Band/Volume 42
Heft 5
Seite von W053101
Sprache englisch
Keywords catchment hydrology; landscape processes; scale; soil hydrology; soil physics; vadose zone
Abstract [1] This paper presents a vision that advocates hydropedology as an advantageous integration of pedology and hydrology for studying the intimate relationships between soil, landscape, and hydrology. Landscape water flux is suggested as a unifying precept for hydropedology, through which pedologic and hydrologic expertise can be better integrated. Landscape water flux here encompasses the source, storage, flux, pathway, residence time, availability, and spatiotemporal distribution of water in the root and deep vadose zones within the landscape. After illustrating multiple knowledge gaps that can be addressed by the synergistic integration of pedology and hydrology, we suggest five scientific hypotheses that are critical to advancing hydropedology and enhancing the prediction of landscape water flux. We then present interlinked strategies for achieving the stated vision. It is our hope that by working together, hydrologists and pedologists, along with scientists in related disciplines, can better guide data acquisition, knowledge integration, and model-based prediction so as to advance the hydrologic sciences in the next decade and beyond.
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Lin, H., Bouma, J., Pachepsky, Y., Western, A., Thompson, J., van Genuchten, R., Vogel, H.-J., Lilly, A. (2006):
Hydropedology: Synergistic integration of pedology and hydrology
Water Resour. Res. 42 (5), W053101