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DOI 10.1038/s43247-023-01047-2
Lizenz creative commons licence
Titel (primär) Climate change and cropland management compromise soil integrity and multifunctionality
Autor Sünnemann, M.; Beugnon, R.; Breitkreuz, C.; Buscot, F.; Cesarz, S.; Jones, A.; Lehmann, A.; Lochner, A.; Orgiazzi, A.; Reitz, T.; Rillig, M.C.; Schädler, M.; Smith, L.C.; Zeuner, A.; Guerra, C.A.; Eisenhauer, N.
Quelle Communications Earth & Environment
Erscheinungsjahr 2023
Department BZF; BOOEK; iDiv
Band/Volume 4
Seite von art. 394
Sprache englisch
Topic T5 Future Landscapes
Abstract Soils provide essential ecosystem functions that are threatened by climate change and intensified land use. We explore how climate and land use impact multiple soil function simultaneously, employing two datasets: (1) observational – 456 samples from the European Land Use/Land Cover Area Frame Survey; and (2) experimental – 80 samples from Germany’s Global Change Experimental Facility. We aim to investigate whether manipulative field experiment results align with observable climate, land use, and soil multifunctionality trends across Europe, measuring seven ecosystem functions to calculate soil multifunctionality. The observational data showed Europe-wide declines in soil multifunctionality under rising temperatures and dry conditions, worsened by cropland management. Our experimental data confirmed these relationships, suggesting that changes in climate will reduce soil multifunctionality across croplands and grasslands. Land use changes from grasslands to croplands threaten the integrity of soil systems, and enhancing soil multifunctionality in arable systems is key to maintain multifunctionality in a changing climate.
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Sünnemann, M., Beugnon, R., Breitkreuz, C., Buscot, F., Cesarz, S., Jones, A., Lehmann, A., Lochner, A., Orgiazzi, A., Reitz, T., Rillig, M.C., Schädler, M., Smith, L.C., Zeuner, A., Guerra, C.A., Eisenhauer, N. (2023):
Climate change and cropland management compromise soil integrity and multifunctionality
Commun. Earth Environ. 4 , art. 394 10.1038/s43247-023-01047-2