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DOI 10.3389/fpsyg.2023.1225165
Lizenz creative commons licence
Titel (primär) Perspective-taking with affected others to promote climate change mitigation
Autor Koessler, A.-K.; Heinz, N.; Engel, S.
Quelle Frontiers in Psychology
Erscheinungsjahr 2023
Department UPOL
Band/Volume 14
Seite von art. 1225165
Sprache englisch
Topic T5 Future Landscapes
Keywords perspective-taking; pro-environmental behavior; climate change; empathy; experiment
Abstract Prior evidence suggests that perspective-taking may promote pro-environmental behavior, at least for low-cost behaviors or local environmental problems. Climate change, however, requires costly mitigation efforts and is a global problem. Thus, in this study, we examine whether perspective-taking in the context of climate change is effective in promoting mitigation behaviors, including actual and/or costly behaviors, the mechanisms through which perspective-taking works, and if the distance to the person adversely affected by climate change matters for the effect. We conducted an online experiment with a non-student sample from Germany (n = 557), utilizing a 2 × 2 factorial design, to investigate the impact of perspective-taking and distance on three outcome measures: a climate donation, signing a petition, and approval of mitigation policies. We find that perspective-taking does not promote these mitigation behaviors, yet it raises the degree perspective-takers value and – for close others – feel connected with the affected person. Exploratory analysis shows that dispositional perspective-taking and empathic concern are correlated with mitigation behaviors.
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Koessler, A.-K., Heinz, N., Engel, S. (2023):
Perspective-taking with affected others to promote climate change mitigation
Front. Psychol. 14 , art. 1225165 10.3389/fpsyg.2023.1225165