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Titel (primär) European grassland butterfly indicator 1990-2020 Technical report. Butterfly Conservation Europe & SPRING/eBMS
Autor van Swaay, C.A.M.; Dennis, E.B.; Schmucki, R.; Sevilleja, C.G.; Åström, S.; Balalaikins, M.; Barea-Azcón, J.M.; Bonelli, S.; Botham, M.; Cancela, J.P.; Collins, S.; De Flores, M.; Dapporto, L.; Dopagne, C.; Dziekanska, I.; Escobés, R.; Faltynek Fric, Z.; Fernández-García, J.M.; Fontaine, B.; Glogovčan, P.; Gracianteparaluceta, A.; Harpke, A.; Harrower, C.; Heliölä, J.; Houard, X.; Judge, M.; Kolev, Z.; Komac, B.; Kühn, E.; Kuussaari, M.; Lang, A.; Lysaght, L.; Maes, D.; McGowan, D.; Mestdagh, X.; Middlebrook, I.; Monasterio, Y.; Monteiro, E.; Munguira, M.L.; Musche, M.; Olivares, F.J.; Õunap, E.; Ozden, O.; Pavlíčko, A.; Pendl, M.; Pettersson, L.B.; Rákosy, L.; Roth, T.; Rüdisser, J.; Šašić, M.; Scalercio, S.; Settele, J.; Sielezniew, M.; Sobczyk-Moran, G.; Stefanescu, C.; Švitra, G.; Szabadfalvi, A.; Tiitsaar, A.; Titeux, N.; Tzirkalli, E.; Ubach, A.; Verovnik, R.; Vray, S.; Warren, M.S.; Wynhoff, I.; Roy, D.B.
Erscheinungsjahr 2022
Department BZF; NSF; iDiv
Band/Volume VS2022.039
Seite bis 27
Sprache englisch
Topic T5 Future Landscapes
Keywords Butterfly, Grassland, Monitoring, Trend, Index, Europe, European Union, Indicator, Biodiversity
Abstract Butterfly monitoring enjoys a growing popularity in Europe, mainly supported by Butterfly Conservation Europe (BCE) and its partners. While Butterfly Monitoring Schemes are present in a growing number of countries and new ones are being initiated in many places, long time-series are currently only available for a limited number of countries. For the indicators in this report, we used data from 22 countries (Figure 1): Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Jersey, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom.
The indicators use field data up to and including the 2020 field season. The method for calculating indicators has been greatly improved and enhanced. During 2020, more than 2,500 standardised butterfly transects distributed across 22 monitoring schemes were used to inform the EU27 Grassland Butterfly Indicator and almost 5,000 from 25 schemes for the European Grassland Butterfly Indicator (Figure 2). Since 1990 over 6,350 and 11,500 separate transects have contributed to the EU27 and Europe indicators, respectively.
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van Swaay, C.A.M., Dennis, E.B., Schmucki, R., Sevilleja, C.G., Åström, S., Balalaikins, M., Barea-Azcón, J.M., Bonelli, S., Botham, M., Cancela, J.P., Collins, S., De Flores, M., Dapporto, L., Dopagne, C., Dziekanska, I., Escobés, R., Faltynek Fric, Z., Fernández-García, J.M., Fontaine, B., Glogovčan, P., Gracianteparaluceta, A., Harpke, A., Harrower, C., Heliölä, J., Houard, X., Judge, M., Kolev, Z., Komac, B., Kühn, E., Kuussaari, M., Lang, A., Lysaght, L., Maes, D., McGowan, D., Mestdagh, X., Middlebrook, I., Monasterio, Y., Monteiro, E., Munguira, M.L., Musche, M., Olivares, F.J., Õunap, E., Ozden, O., Pavlíčko, A., Pendl, M., Pettersson, L.B., Rákosy, L., Roth, T., Rüdisser, J., Šašić, M., Scalercio, S., Settele, J., Sielezniew, M., Sobczyk-Moran, G., Stefanescu, C., Švitra, G., Szabadfalvi, A., Tiitsaar, A., Titeux, N., Tzirkalli, E., Ubach, A., Verovnik, R., Vray, S., Warren, M.S., Wynhoff, I., Roy, D.B. (2022):
European grassland butterfly indicator 1990-2020 Technical report. Butterfly Conservation Europe & SPRING/eBMS
De Vlinderstichting, Wageningen, 27 pp.