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DOI 10.3390/nu14112288
Lizenz creative commons licence
Titel (primär) Metformin prevents key mechanisms of obesity-related complications in visceral white adipose tissue of obese pregnant mice
Autor Schmitz, K.; Turnwald, E.-M.; Kretschmer, T. ORCID logo ; Janoschek, R.; Bae-Gartz, I.; Voßbrecher, K.; Kammerer, M.D.; Köninger, A.; Gellhaus, A.; Handwerk, M.; Wohlfarth, M.; Gründemann, D.; Hucklenbruch-Rother, E.; Dötsch, J.; Appel, S.
Journal / Serie Nutrients
Erscheinungsjahr 2022
Department IMMU
Band/Volume 14
Heft 11
Seite von art. 2288
Sprache englisch
Topic T9 Healthy Planet
Keywords metformin; maternal obesity; pregnancy complications; white adipose tissue; adipokines; inflammation; oxidative stress
Abstract With the gaining prevalence of obesity, related risks during pregnancy are rising. Inflammation and oxidative stress are considered key mechanisms arising in white adipose tissue (WAT) sparking obesity-associated complications and diseases. The established anti-diabetic drug metformin reduces both on a systemic level, but only little is known about such effects on WAT. Because inhibiting these mechanisms in WAT might prevent obesity-related adverse effects, we investigated metformin treatment during pregnancy using a mouse model of diet-induced maternal obesity. After mating, obese mice were randomised to metformin administration. On gestational day G15.5, phenotypic data were collected and perigonadal WAT (pgWAT) morphology and proteome were examined. Metformin treatment reduced weight gain and visceral fat accumulation. We detected downregulation of perilipin-1 as a correlate and observed indications of recovering respiratory capacity and adipocyte metabolism under metformin treatment. By regulating four newly discovered potential adipokines (alpha-1 antitrypsin, Apoa4, Lrg1 and Selenbp1), metformin could mediate anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory and oxidative stress-modulating effects on local and systemic levels. Our study provides an insight into obesity-specific proteome alterations and shows novel modulating effects of metformin in pgWAT of obese dams. Accordingly, metformin therapy appears suitable to prevent some of obesity’s key mechanisms in WAT.
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Schmitz, K., Turnwald, E.-M., Kretschmer, T., Janoschek, R., Bae-Gartz, I., Voßbrecher, K., Kammerer, M.D., Köninger, A., Gellhaus, A., Handwerk, M., Wohlfarth, M., Gründemann, D., Hucklenbruch-Rother, E., Dötsch, J., Appel, S. (2022):
Metformin prevents key mechanisms of obesity-related complications in visceral white adipose tissue of obese pregnant mice
Nutrients 14 (11), art. 2288