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DOI 10.1038/s41598-022-11485-1
Lizenz creative commons licence
Titel (primär) Microbial community functioning during plant litter decomposition
Autor Schroeter, S.A.; Eveillard, D.; Chaffron, S.; Zoppi, J.; Kampe, B.; Lohmann, P.; Jehmlich, N. ORCID logo ; von Bergen, M.; Sanchez-Arcos, C.; Pohnert, G.; Taubert, M.; Küsel, K.; Gleixner, G.
Quelle Scientific Reports
Erscheinungsjahr 2022
Department MOLSYB
Band/Volume 12
Seite von art. 7451
Sprache englisch
Topic T9 Healthy Planet
Abstract Microbial life in soil is fueled by dissolved organic matter (DOM) that leaches from the litter layer. It is well known that decomposer communities adapt to the available litter source, but it remains unclear if they functionally compete or synergistically address different litter types. Therefore, we decomposed beech, oak, pine and grass litter from two geologically distinct sites in a lab-scale decomposition experiment. We performed a correlative network analysis on the results of direct infusion HR-MS DOM analysis and cross-validated functional predictions from 16S rRNA gene amplicon sequencing and with DOM and metaproteomic analyses. Here we show that many functions are redundantly distributed within decomposer communities and that their relative expression is rapidly optimized to address litter-specific properties. However, community changes are likely forced by antagonistic mechanisms as we identified several natural antibiotics in DOM. As a consequence, the decomposer community is specializing towards the litter source and the state of decomposition (community divergence) but showing similar litter metabolomes (metabolome convergence). Our multi-omics-based results highlight that DOM not only fuels microbial life, but it additionally holds meta-metabolomic information on the functioning of ecosystems.
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Schroeter, S.A., Eveillard, D., Chaffron, S., Zoppi, J., Kampe, B., Lohmann, P., Jehmlich, N., von Bergen, M., Sanchez-Arcos, C., Pohnert, G., Taubert, M., Küsel, K., Gleixner, G. (2022):
Microbial community functioning during plant litter decomposition
Sci. Rep. 12 , art. 7451