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DOI 10.1111/risa.13823
Lizenz creative commons licence
Titel (primär) Prioritization of resilience initiatives for climate-related disasters in the Metropolitan City of Venice
Autor Bonato, M.; Sambo, B.; Sperotto, A.; Lambert, J.H.; Linkov, I.; Critto, A.; Torresan, S.; Marcomini, A.
Quelle Risk Analysis
Erscheinungsjahr 2022
Department CLE
Band/Volume 42
Heft 5
Seite von 931
Seite bis 952
Sprache englisch
Topic T5 Future Landscapes
Keywords Climate change; critical functions; risk management; scenario-based preferences; systems engineering; uncertainty analysis
Abstract Increases in the magnitude and frequency of climate and other disruptive factors are placing environmental, economic, and social stresses on coastal systems. This is further exacerbated by land use transformations, urbanization, over-tourism, sociopolitical tensions, technological innovations, among others. A scenario-informed multicriteria decision analysis (MCDA) was applied in the Metropolitan City of Venice integrating qualitative (i.e., local stakeholder preferences) and quantitative information (i.e., climate-change projections) with the aim of enhancing system resilience to multiple climate-related threats. As part of this analysis, different groups of local stakeholders (e.g., local authorities, civil protection agencies, SMEs, NGOs) were asked to identify critical functions that needs to be sustained. Various policy initiatives were considered to support these critical functions. The MCDA was used to rank the initiatives across several scenarios describing main climate threats (e.g., storm surges, floods, heatwaves, drought). We found that many climate change scenarios were considered to be disruptive to stakeholders and influence alternative ranking. The management alternatives acting on physical domain generally enhance resilience across just a few scenarios while cognitive and informative initiatives provided resilience enhancement across most scenarios considered. With uncertainty of multiple stressors along with projected climate variability, a portfolio of cognitive and physical initiatives is recommended to enhance resilience.
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Bonato, M., Sambo, B., Sperotto, A., Lambert, J.H., Linkov, I., Critto, A., Torresan, S., Marcomini, A. (2022):
Prioritization of resilience initiatives for climate-related disasters in the Metropolitan City of Venice
Risk Anal. 42 (5), 931 - 952 10.1111/risa.13823