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DOI 10.1080/22797254.2021.1934556
Lizenz creative commons licence
Titel (primär) Towards forage resource monitoring in subtropical savanna grasslands: going multispectral or hyperspectral?
Autor Ferner, J.; Linstädter, A.; Rogass, C.; Südekum, K.-H.; Schmidtlein, S.
Quelle European Journal of Remote Sensing
Erscheinungsjahr 2021
Department CLE
Band/Volume 54
Heft 1
Seite von 364
Seite bis 384
Sprache englisch
Topic T5 Future Landscapes
Keywords Africa; rangeland; sremote-sensing based monitoring; forage; biomass production; nutritive value
Abstract Forage supply of savanna grasslands plays a crucial role for local food security and consequently, a reliable monitoring system could help to better manage vital forage resources. To help installing such a monitoring system, we investigated whether in-situ hyperspectral data could be resampled to match the spectral resolution of multi- and hyperspectral satellites; if the type of sensor affected model transfer; and if spatio-temporal patterns of forage characteristics could be related to environmental drivers. We established models for forage quantity (green biomass) and five forage quality proxies (metabolisable energy, acid/neutral detergent fibre, ash, phosphorus). Hyperspectral resolution of the Hyperion satellite mostly resulted in higher accuracies (i.e. higher R2, lower RMSE). When applied to satellite data, though, the greater quality of the multispectral Sentinel-2 satellite data leads to more realistic forage maps. By analysing a three-year time series, we found plant phenology and cumulated precipitation to be the most important environmental drivers of forage supply. We conclude that none of the investigated satellites provide optimal conditions for monitoring purposes. Future hyperspectral satellite missions like EnMAP, combining the high information level of Hyperion with the good data quality and resolution of Sentinel-2, will provide the prerequisites for installing a regular monitoring service.
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Ferner, J., Linstädter, A., Rogass, C., Südekum, K.-H., Schmidtlein, S. (2021):
Towards forage resource monitoring in subtropical savanna grasslands: going multispectral or hyperspectral?
Eur. J. Remote Sens. 54 (1), 364 - 384 10.1080/22797254.2021.1934556