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DOI 10.1186/s40663-021-00280-5
Lizenz creative commons licence
Titel (primär) National Forest Inventories capture the multifunctionality of managed forests in Germany
Autor Simons, N.K.; Felipe-Lucia, M.R.; Schall, P.; Ammer, C.; Bauhus, J.; Blüthgen, N.; Boch, S.; Buscot, F.; Fischer, M.; Goldmann, K. ORCID logo ; Gossner, M.M.; Hänsel, F.; Jung, K.; Manning, P.; Nauss, T.; Oelmann, Y.; Pena, R.; Polle, A.; Renner, S.C.; Schloter, M.; Schöning, I.; Schulze, E.-D.; Solly, E.F.; Sorkau, E.; Stempfhuber, B.; Wubet, T. ORCID logo ; Müller, J.; Seibold, S.; Weisser, W.W.
Quelle Forest Ecosystems
Erscheinungsjahr 2021
Department BZF; BOOEK; iDiv; ESS
Band/Volume 8
Seite von art. 5
Sprache englisch
Topic T5 Future Landscapes
Keywords Ecosystem processes and services; Forest management; Structural diversity; Tree species composition; Trade-offs and synergies; Forest productivity
Abstract Forests perform various important ecosystem functions that contribute to ecosystem services. In many parts of the world, forest management has shifted from a focus on timber production to multi-purpose forestry, combining timber production with the supply of other forest ecosystem services. However, it is unclear which forest types provide which ecosystem services and to what extent forests primarily managed for timber already supply multiple ecosystem services. Based on a comprehensive dataset collected across 150 forest plots in three regions differing in management intensity and species composition, we develop models to predict the potential supply of 13 ecosystem services. We use those models to assess the level of multifunctionality of managed forests at the national level using national forest inventory data.
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Simons, N.K., Felipe-Lucia, M.R., Schall, P., Ammer, C., Bauhus, J., Blüthgen, N., Boch, S., Buscot, F., Fischer, M., Goldmann, K., Gossner, M.M., Hänsel, F., Jung, K., Manning, P., Nauss, T., Oelmann, Y., Pena, R., Polle, A., Renner, S.C., Schloter, M., Schöning, I., Schulze, E.-D., Solly, E.F., Sorkau, E., Stempfhuber, B., Wubet, T., Müller, J., Seibold, S., Weisser, W.W. (2021):
National Forest Inventories capture the multifunctionality of managed forests in Germany
For. Ecosyst. 8 , art. 5 10.1186/s40663-021-00280-5