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Titel (primär) Intraspecific trait variation and reversals of trait strategies across key climate gradients in native Hawaiian plants and non-native invaders
Autor Westerband, A.C.; Knight, T.M.; Barton, K.E.;
Journal / Serie Annals of Botany
Erscheinungsjahr 2021
Department BZF; iDiv;
Band/Volume 127
Heft 4
Sprache englisch;
POF III (gesamt) T11;
Supplements https://oup.silverchair-cdn.com/oup/backfile/Content_public/Journal/aob/PAP/10.1093_aob_mcaa050/2/mcaa050_suppl_supplementary_tables.docx?Expires=1611140481&Signature=zoJ5YhzNfRkaPeN-YMt6iDgz4PV5XqdZRjSNB7psCEu8KnLNr1LyJeLvNYnyGw-EoerglkpeVdMsspzRxP5-~aVPR7ngFeRQATRWXp7QM6QIw6ecD9yoQ5tJe9ZD1OT~PQo-JTaPSbEabAzoeD2kpTJBHZFeR9sSRJ4gCYpLWVdttv4oJtsNQ94gRztjso3TEDfV7JNhP0VMeklNkpkZC20iR1nvtxPRfH7exqHKb75VpotzfHvO0RfJVuSUqFJslsIM3Be8hWtOC0olZeGK0Q~I9kpa3aq-ETXfERyfYgcKfe9Hj~qnJNnE-UveoYnH7n-R~ck636qCpO1IzAmmNQ__&Key-Pair-Id=APKAIE5G5CRDK6RD3PGA
Keywords Abiotic gradients; ecophysiology; environmental filtering; functional trait; Hawaii; intraspecific trait variation; invasion; island; leaf economy; trait convergence

Background and Aims

Displacement of native plant species by non-native invaders may result from differences in their carbon economy, yet little is known regarding how variation in leaf traits influences native–invader dynamics across climate gradients. In Hawaii, one of the most heavily invaded biodiversity hotspots in the world, strong spatial variation in climate results from the complex topography, which underlies variation in traits that probably drives shifts in species interactions.


Using one of the most comprehensive trait data sets for Hawaii to date (91 species and four islands), we determined the extent and sources of variation (climate, species and species origin) in leaf traits, and used mixed models to examine differences between natives and non-native invasives.

Key Results

We detected significant differences in trait means, such that invasives were more resource acquisitive than natives over most of the climate gradients. However, we also detected trait convergence and a rank reversal (natives more resource acquisitive than invasives) in a sub-set of conditions. There was significant intraspecific trait variation (ITV) in leaf traits of natives and invasives, although invasives expressed significantly greater ITV than natives in water loss and photosynthesis. Species accounted for more trait variation than did climate for invasives, while the reverse was true for natives. Incorporating this climate-driven trait variation significantly improved the fit of models that compared natives and invasives. Lastly, in invasives, ITV was most strongly explained by spatial heterogeneity in moisture, whereas solar energy explains more ITV in natives.


Our results indicate that trait expression and ITV vary significantly between natives and invasives, and that this is mediated by climate. These findings suggest that although natives and invasives are functionally similar at the regional scale, invader success at local scales is contingent on climate.

ID 24008
dauerhafte UFZ-Verlinkung https://www.ufz.de/index.php?en=20939&ufzPublicationIdentifier=24008
Westerband, A.C., Knight, T.M., Barton, K.E. (2021):
Intraspecific trait variation and reversals of trait strategies across key climate gradients in native Hawaiian plants and non-native invaders
Ann. Bot. 127 (4), 553 - 564