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Titel (primär) Data on biofuels production, trade, and demand
Titel (sekundär) Biofuels production and processing technology
Autor Thrän, D.; Naumann, K.; Billig, E.; Millinger, M.; Oehmichen, K.; Pfeiffer, D.; Zech, K.
Herausgeber Riazi, M.R.; Chiaramonti, D.
Erscheinungsjahr 2018
Seite von 55
Seite bis 99
Sprache englisch
Abstract Biofuels were introduced 25 years ago and its use has shown constant increase. In 2016, the global market volume comprised 2086 PJ of bioethanol (from sugar and starch), 926 PJ of biodiesel, and 177 PJ of HVO. Additionally, biomethane, DME, and MeOH and bioethanol from lignocellulosic materials are currently introduced into the market. Most biofuels are used in the road transport sector. Biofuel quotas are still the main driver for the market. Prices for conventional biofuels are stated to be in the range of 15–40 €Cent GJ−1 biofuels. Provision and trade of biofuels are supported by technical standards and certification systems.
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Thrän, D., Naumann, K., Billig, E., Millinger, M., Oehmichen, K., Pfeiffer, D., Zech, K. (2018):
Data on biofuels production, trade, and demand
In: Riazi, M.R., Chiaramonti, D. (eds.)
Biofuels production and processing technology
CRC Press / Taylor & Francis, Boca Raton, FL, p. 55 - 99