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DOI 10.1016/bs.aecr.2020.08.003
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Titel (primär) Sustainable agriculture: Recognizing the potential of conflict as a positive driver for transformative change
Titel (sekundär) The future of agricultural landscapes, Part I
Autor Skrimizea, E.; Lecuyer, L.; Bunnefeld, N.; Butler, J.R.A.; Fickel, T.; Hodgson, I.; Holtkamp, C.; Marzano, M.; Parra, C.; Pereira, L.; Petit, S.; Pound, D.; Rodríguez, I.; Ryan, P.; Staffler, J.; Vanbergen, A.J.; Van den Broeck, P.; Wittmer, H. ORCID logo ; Young, J.C.
Herausgeber Bohan, D.A.; Vanbergen, A.J.
Quelle Advances in Ecological Research
Erscheinungsjahr 2020
Department UPOL
Band/Volume 63
Seite von 255
Seite bis 311
Sprache englisch
Keywords Agriculture; Conflict; Transformation; Sustainability; Food systems; Agroecology
Abstract Transformative changes in agriculture at multiple scales are needed to ensure sustainability, i.e. achieving food security while fostering social justice and environmental integrity. These transformations go beyond technological fixes and require fundamental changes in cognitive, relational, structural and functional aspects of agricultural systems. However, research on agricultural transformations fails to engage deeply with underlying social aspects such as differing perceptions of sustainability, uncertainties and ambiguities, politics of knowledge, power imbalances and deficits in democracy. In this paper, we suggest that conflict is one manifestation of such underlying social aspects. We present an original conceptualization and analytical framework, wherein conflict is recognized as an important motor for redistribution of power and leverage for social learning that—if addressed through a conflict transformation process—could potentially create a step-change in agricultural transformation towards greater sustainability. Our analysis, building on an extensive literature review and empirical case studies from around the world, suggests a novel approach to guide future transdisciplinary research that can support agricultural transformations towards sustainability.
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Skrimizea, E., Lecuyer, L., Bunnefeld, N., Butler, J.R.A., Fickel, T., Hodgson, I., Holtkamp, C., Marzano, M., Parra, C., Pereira, L., Petit, S., Pound, D., Rodríguez, I., Ryan, P., Staffler, J., Vanbergen, A.J., Van den Broeck, P., Wittmer, H., Young, J.C. (2020):
Sustainable agriculture: Recognizing the potential of conflict as a positive driver for transformative change
In: Bohan, D.A., Vanbergen, A.J. (eds.)
The future of agricultural landscapes, Part I
Advances in Ecological Research 63
Academic Press / Elsevier, London, p. 255 - 311 10.1016/bs.aecr.2020.08.003