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DOI 10.1007/978-3-030-47906-0_4
Titel (primär) Laccases in the context of potentially cooperating enzymes
Titel (sekundär) Laccases in bioremediation and waste valorisation
Autor Haghbeen, K.; Schlosser, D. ORCID logo
Herausgeber Schlosser, D.
Quelle Microbiology Monographs
Erscheinungsjahr 2020
Department UMB
Band/Volume 33
Seite von 79
Seite bis 114
Sprache englisch
Keywords Biorefinery; Bioremediation; Biotransformation; Enzyme cascade; Enzyme product; Enzyme substrate; Multi-enzyme cocktail; Wastewater treatment
UFZ Bestand Leipzig, Bibliothek, Hauptlesesaal, 00534321, 20-0230 DK: 504.064.4 Lac
Abstract Laccases have attracted scientists and practitioners already since a long time, due to their catalytic versatility, robustness, and potential usability for a wide spectrum of diverse applications. In lignocellulose decaying microorganisms, laccases and further enzymes frequently form suites of biocatalysts cooperating in decay type-specific concerted actions. Such possible natural enzymatic interactions have largely inspired biotechnological concepts aiming at the use of multi-enzyme cocktails or enzyme cascades for diverse applications such as wastewater treatment, biorefinery approaches targeting the production of biofuels and platform chemicals, as well as pharmaceutical and industrial biotransformations. This chapter illustrates both proven and potential (albeit still rather hypothetical) cooperations between laccases and other microbial enzymes. The thereby addressed types of cooperation involve (1) enzymes being structurally and catalytically similar to laccases such as tyrosinases, which may complement laccase reactivity; (2) enzymes (or subsequent reactions) fueled with substrates (or reactants) generated during laccase reactions, as exemplified for lignin-modifying manganese peroxidases and β-etherases; and (3) enzymes potentially producing substrates for laccases, e.g., unspecific peroxygenases.
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Haghbeen, K., Schlosser, D. (2020):
Laccases in the context of potentially cooperating enzymes
In: Schlosser, D. (ed.)
Laccases in bioremediation and waste valorisation
Microbiology Monographs 33
Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, p. 79 - 114 10.1007/978-3-030-47906-0_4