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Titel (primär) Snakes and ladders: A review of ball python production in West Africa for the global pet market
Autor Harrington, L.A.; Green, J.; Muinde, P.; Macdonald, D.W.; Auliya, M.; D'Cruze, N.;
Journal / Serie Nature Conservation-Bulgaria
Erscheinungsjahr 2020
Department NSF;
Band/Volume 41
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POF III (gesamt) T12;
Keywords CITES; Python regius; ranching; reptile; wildlife trade; Benin; Ghana; Togo
Abstract The ball python (Python regius) is the most traded, CITES listed, live animal exported from Africa. Recent studies have raised concerns as to whether production methods in Africa are sustainable, humane and compliant with legislation. To aid future management we explored export patterns, using the CITES and U.S. LEMIS database, for live ball pythons from across their range in West Africa to identify the main exporters and the main markets supplied, and to assess associated trends, and compliance with nationally-established export quotas. We found that export to supply the global pet trade remains almost exclusively carried out by three range countries – Benin, Ghana, and Togo. The USA was the largest importer from all three countries, although Ghana appeared to be less dependent on the USA market than either Togo or Benin, exporting to a more diverse range of countries, particularly in Asia. Between 2003 and 2017 there was a decline in annual importer-reported exports from Benin and from Ghana, but not from Togo. Ghana appears to operate as a regional trade hub, re-exporting ball pythons imported from Benin and Togo, and exports more ball pythons reported as captive-bred. Trade records from all three countries exhibited a switch from predominantly wild-sourced to predominantly ranched individuals. However, at a range-wide level, differences in the use of source codes among exporting range states, and inconsistencies in reporting of trade among range states, as well as inconsistencies in the use of source codes between exporting and importing countries, represent areas of potential concern. We recommend a regional-level policy approach for this highly sought-after species, to safeguard ball pythons and local livelihoods.
ID 23486
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Harrington, L.A., Green, J., Muinde, P., Macdonald, D.W., Auliya, M., D'Cruze, N. (2020):
Snakes and ladders: A review of ball python production in West Africa for the global pet market
Nat. Conserv.-Bulgaria 41 , 1 - 24