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Titel (primär) Urban heat island and thermal human comfort in Tulkarm, West Bank, Palestine
Autor Al Abadla, Z.; Schlink, U. ORCID logo ; Abdel Wahab, M.M.; Robaa, S.M.
Quelle Journal of Materials and Environmental Science
Erscheinungsjahr 2020
Department SUSOZ
Band/Volume 11
Heft 8
Seite von 1361
Seite bis 1373
Sprache englisch
Keywords urban heat island; thermal human comfort; local climate zones; West Bank
Abstract The objective of this article is to examine the climate in the urban center of Tulkarm (West Bank) and compare it with the climate of other regions (Haifa, Ben-Gurion) in terms of local climate zones (LCZ). The outcome measures for the thermal comfort were the physiologically equivalent temperature (PET), the thermal discomfort index (DI), and the universal thermal climate index (UTCI). All the gathered data in this study derived from registrations of the weather stations located in these LCZs. The results showed that, the Tulkarm (LCZ 24B) was warmer than the Ben-Gurion (LCZ 68E) and Haifa (LCZ 810A) sites throughout the study period 2000-2014 (mean difference in monthly air temperatures between LCZ 24B and LCZ 68E was 1.5 ºC with maximum of 2.4 °C in May and a minimum of 0.9 °C in February). Between LCZ 24B and LCZ810A as well as between LCZ 24B and LCZ68E the differences in minimum air temperatures are higher than in maximum air temperature. Wind speed was lower and dew point depression (DPD) was higher in the LCZ 24B region compared to the others. In the low-rise built up areas of Ben-Gurion and Haifa, the PET and UTCI were always lower than in the mid and high-rise urban region of Tulkarm. The DI indicated that, during summer months, more than 50% of the total population felt discomfort in regions characterized by urban or industrial structures (Tulkarm and Haifa). The study suggests that heat exposure in Tulkarm is a consequence of local land use.
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Al Abadla, Z., Schlink, U., Abdel Wahab, M.M., Robaa, S.M. (2020):
Urban heat island and thermal human comfort in Tulkarm, West Bank, Palestine
J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 11 (8), 1361 - 1373