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Referenztyp Zeitschriften
DOI 10.1002/cyto.a.24169
Lizenz creative commons licence
Titel (primär) Label‐free four‐dimensional visualization of anaerobically growing electroactive biofilms
Autor Koch, C.; Kuchenbuch, A.; Marosvölgyi, M.; Weisshart, K.; Harnisch, F. ORCID logo
Quelle Cytometry Part A
Erscheinungsjahr 2020
Department UMB
Band/Volume 97
Heft 7
Seite von 737
Seite bis 741
Sprache englisch
Keywords Light sheet fluorescence microscopy; Geobacter; live cell imaging; electroactive biofilm growth
Abstract Light sheet fluorescence microscopy (LSFM) allows non‐destructive, label‐free and in vivo imaging of large specimen, even at non‐transparent surfaces. We show that LSFM can be applied for label‐free analyses of prokaryotes on the example of electroactive biofilms. Biofilm growth is linked to the production of current serving as measure of metabolic activity in vivo by monitoring with high spatial and temporal resolution. After 35 h of exponential growth a homogeneous biofilm with a thickness of 9 μm was formed. This was followed by a stratification of the biofilm including formation of 3D structures over the next 100 h. Light reflection was sufficient to visualize the biofilm structure and development over time and the terminal morphology was confirmed using fluorescence staining. This proof of concept on using LSFM for investigation of biofilms opens the door for its application in the entire field of microbial ecology.
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Koch, C., Kuchenbuch, A., Marosvölgyi, M., Weisshart, K., Harnisch, F. (2020):
Label‐free four‐dimensional visualization of anaerobically growing electroactive biofilms
Cytom. Part A 97 (7), 737 - 741 10.1002/cyto.a.24169