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DOI 10.1093/femsre/fuad013
Titel (primär) The microbiology of Power-to-X applications
Autor Logroño, W.; Kleinsteuber, S. ORCID logo ; Kretzschmar, J.; Harnisch, F. ORCID logo ; De Vrieze, J.; Nikolausz, M.
Quelle FEMS Microbiology Reviews
Erscheinungsjahr 2023
Department UMB
Band/Volume 47
Heft 2
Seite von fuad013
Sprache englisch
Topic T7 Bioeconomy
Keywords power-to-x; green hydrogen; microbial protein; microbial electrochemical technologies; p2g; p2x
Abstract Power-to-X (P2X) technologies will play a more important role in the conversion of electric power to storable energy carriers, commodity chemicals and even food and feed. Among the different P2X technologies, microbial components form cornerstones of individual process steps. This review comprehensively presents the state-of-the-art of different P2X technologies from a microbiological standpoint. We are focusing on microbial conversions of hydrogen from water electrolysis to methane, other chemicals and proteins. We present the microbial toolbox needed to gain access to these products of interest, assess its current status and research needs, and discuss potential future developments that are needed to turn todays P2X concepts into tomorrow's technologies.
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Logroño, W., Kleinsteuber, S., Kretzschmar, J., Harnisch, F., De Vrieze, J., Nikolausz, M. (2023):
The microbiology of Power-to-X applications
FEMS Microbiol. Rev. 47 (2), fuad013 10.1093/femsre/fuad013