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Referenztyp Zeitschriften
DOI 10.3390/su15086967
Lizenz creative commons licence
Titel (primär) Stakeholder engagement in the co-design of regional bioeconomy strategies
Autor Szarka, N.; García Laverde, L.; Thrän, D.; Kiyko, O.; Ilkiv, M.; Moravčíková, D.; Cudlínová, E.; Lapka, M.; Hatvani, N.; Koós, Á.; Luks, A.; Martín Jimenez, I.
Quelle Sustainability
Erscheinungsjahr 2023
Band/Volume 15
Heft 8
Seite von art. 6967
Sprache englisch
Topic T5 Future Landscapes
Keywords bioeconomy guideline; regional stakeholders; quadruple helix; bioeconomy strategy; sustainability; European regional bioeconomies
Abstract Increasing recognition and importance is being given to regions for their role in supporting Europe’s transformation towards a sustainable and circular bioeconomy system. Regions are often feedstock producers and can provide the proximity of regional actors along the value chain. If supported and mobilized, actors can coordinate strategic paths for regional bioeconomy development and keep value added in the region. Regional bioeconomy strategies are an important instrument to reach such a process, which implies great efforts of coordination among relevant stakeholders. In this research, we developed a guideline to establish flexible dynamic bioeconomy platforms—Regional Bioeconomy Hubs (RBHs)—that bring together bioeconomy-related stakeholders from policy, academia, industry, and society in a structured procedure (quadruple-helix context) and to establish regional bioeconomy strategies. The guideline was applied to five Central and Eastern European regions and validated in the framework of the POWER4BIO project. As a result, all regions successfully applied the guideline, established their RBH, and developed a regional bioeconomy strategy or recommendations for the development of such a strategy.
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Szarka, N., García Laverde, L., Thrän, D., Kiyko, O., Ilkiv, M., Moravčíková, D., Cudlínová, E., Lapka, M., Hatvani, N., Koós, Á., Luks, A., Martín Jimenez, I. (2023):
Stakeholder engagement in the co-design of regional bioeconomy strategies
Sustainability 15 (8), art. 6967 10.3390/su15086967