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Titel (primär) Automatic curation of large comparative animal MicroRNA datasets
Autor Yazbeck, A.M; Stadler, P.F.; Tout, K.; Fallmann, J.
Journal / Serie Bioinformatics
Erscheinungsjahr 2019
Department MOLSYB
Band/Volume 35
Heft 22
Seite von 4553
Seite bis 4559
Sprache englisch


MicroRNAs form an important class of RNA regulators that has been studied extensively. The miRBase and Rfam database provide rich, frequently updated information on both pre-miRNAs and their mature forms. These data sources, however, rely on individual data submission and thus are neither complete nor consistent in their coverage across different miRNA families. Quantitative studies of miRNA evolution therefore are difficult or impossible on this basis.


We present here a workflow and a corresponding implementation, MIRfix, that automatically curates miRNA datasets by improving alignments of their precursors, the consistency of the annotation of mature miR and miR* sequence, and the phylogenetic coverage. MIRfix produces alignments that are comparable across families and sets the stage for improved homology search as well as quantitative analyses.

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Yazbeck, A.M, Stadler, P.F., Tout, K., Fallmann, J. (2019):
Automatic curation of large comparative animal MicroRNA datasets
Bioinformatics 35 (22), 4553 - 4559