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Titel (primär) Survival of lizards in habitat islands in Central Europe - introduction and summary conclusions
Titel (sekundär) Species survival in fragmented landscapes
Autor Henle, K.;
Herausgeber Settele, J.; Margules, C.; Poschlod, P.; Henle, K.;
Journal / Serie GeoJournal Library
Erscheinungsjahr 1996
Department NSF;
Band/Volume 35
Sprache englisch;
Keywords Conservation Biology; Survival Chance; Population Viability Analysis; Metapopulation Structure; Sand Lizard
UFZ Bestand Leipzig, Bibliothek - Hauptlesesaal, 96-1979 DK: 574.4.015.3 Spe, 00466684
Abstract Biodiversity is lost at an ever increasing rate (Wilcox 1988). In the past, the problem has been addressed mainly by ad hoc measurements. Only recently, conservation biology has begun to emerge as a science with a conceptually and theoretically more rigorous basis (Soulé 1986, Henle & Kaule 1991, Henle 1994, in press a). Caughley (1994) outlined two paradigms within conservation biology: the consequences of smallness for populations and the reasons for populations becoming small. Focal to the first is the concept of minimum viable populations (MVPs) and the approach called population viability analysis (PVA). A MVP for a certain species in any given habitat is the smallest isolated population with a defined chance (e.g. 95%) of persistence over a specific period of time (e.g. 100 years) despite the foreseeable effects of demographic and genetic stochasticity on the populations as well as environmental fluctuations and natural catastrophes (Shaffer 1981). Within a PVA, the importance of risk factors in conjunction with the ecological situation and biological characteristics of the species concerned is analysed.
ID 22428
dauerhafte UFZ-Verlinkung https://www.ufz.de/index.php?en=20939&ufzPublicationIdentifier=22428
Henle, K. (1996):
Survival of lizards in habitat islands in Central Europe - introduction and summary conclusions
In: Settele, J., Margules, C., Poschlod, P., Henle, K. (eds.)
Species survival in fragmented landscapes
GeoJournal Library 35
Kluwer, Dordrecht, p. 237 - 240