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Titel (primär) Stable isotope fractionation by transport and transformation
Autor Druhan, J.L.; Winnick, M.J.; Thullner, M.;
Journal / Serie Reviews in Mineralogy & Geochemistry
Erscheinungsjahr 2019
Department UMB;
Band/Volume 85
Heft 1
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POF III (gesamt) T41;
Abstract Of the 92 elements naturally present on modern Earth, only 21 are monotopic. The remainder are composed of multiple isotopes, many of which are either stable or decay over such extraordinarily long timescales that they may be considered effectively stable for appropriate applications. These isotopes of a given element are distinguished by the number of neutrons within their nucleus, resulting in subtle differences in mass. Though most fundamental characteristics of the isotopes of a given element are the same (e.g., charge, atomic number), their relative distributions in natural environments are altered as they are subjected to a range of mass-dependent transport and transformation processes. Urey and colleagues first demonstrated this mass-dependent partitioning within a thermodynamic framework (Urey 1947). Decades later, these small differences in isotopic abundances serve as the foundation for a suite of powerful diagnostic tools applied broadly across the Earth Sciences, constituting essential capabilities within the disciplines of hydrology, oceanography, petrology, paleoclimate, planetary science, paleontology, ecology, and microbiology, among others.
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Druhan, J.L., Winnick, M.J., Thullner, M. (2019):
Stable isotope fractionation by transport and transformation
Rev. Mineral. Geochem. 85 (1), 239 - 264