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DOI 10.1007/s10841-019-00127-z
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Titel (primär) Integrating national Red Lists for prioritising conservation actions for European butterflies
Autor Maes, D.; Verovnik, R.; Wiemers, M. ORCID logo ; Brosens, D.; Beshkov, S.; Bonelli, S.; Buszko, J.; Cantú‑Salazar, L.; Cassar, L.F.; Collins, S.; Dincă, V.; Djuric, M.; Dušej, G.; Elven, H.; Franeta, F.; Garcia‑Pereira, P.; Geryak, Y.; Goffart, P.; Gór, A.; Thiermann, U.; Höttinger, H.; Huemer, P.; Jakšić, P.; John, E.; Kalivoda, H.; Kati, V.; Kirkland, P.; Komac, B.; Kőrösi, Á.; Kulak, A.; Kuussaari, M.; L’Hoste, L.; Lelo, S.; Mestdagh, X.; Micevski, N.; Mihoci, I.; Mihut, S.; Monasterio‑León, Y.; Morgun, D.V.; Munguira, M.L.; Murray, T.; Stadel Nielsen, P.; Ólafsson, E.; Õunap, E.; Pamperis, L.N.; Pavlíčko, A.; Pettersson, L.B.; Popov, S.; Popović, M.; Pöyry, J.; Prentice, M.; Reyserhove, L.; Ryrholm, N.; Šašić, M.; Savenkov, N.; Settele, J.; Sielezniew, M.; Sinev, S.; Stefanescu, C.; Švitra, G.; Tammaru, T.; Tiitsaar, A.; Tzirkalli, E.; Tzortzakaki, O.; van Swaay, C.A.M.; Lykke Viborg, A.; Wynhoff, I.; Zografou, K.; Warren, M.S.
Quelle Journal of Insect Conservation
Erscheinungsjahr 2019
Department BZF; iDiv
Band/Volume 23
Heft 2
Seite von 301
Seite bis 330
Sprache englisch
Keywords Policy; Management; Threatened species; Habitats directive; IUCN; Biogeography; Lepidoptera
Abstract Red Lists are very valuable tools in nature conservation at global, continental and (sub-) national scales. In an attempt to prioritise conservation actions for European butterflies, we compiled a database with species lists and Red Lists of all European countries, including the Macaronesian archipelagos (Azores, Madeira and Canary Islands). In total, we compiled national species lists for 42 countries and national Red Lists for 34 of these. The most species-rich countries in Europe are Italy, Russia and France with more than 250 species each. Endemic species are mainly found on the Macaronesian archipelagos and on the Mediterranean islands. By attributing numerical values proportionate to the threat statuses in the different national Red List categories, we calculated a mean Red List value for every country (cRLV) and a weighted Red List value for every species (wsRLV) using the square root of the country’s area as a weighting factor. Countries with the highest cRLV were industrialised (NW) European countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, the Czech Republic and Denmark, whereas large Mediterranean countries such as Spain and Italy had the lowest cRLV. Species for which a Red List assessment was available in at least two European countries and with a relatively high wsRLV (≥ 50) are Colias myrmidone, Pseudochazara orestes, Tomares nogelii, Colias chrysotheme and Coenonympha oedippus. We compared these wsRLVs with the species statuses on the European Red List to identify possible mismatches. We discuss how this complementary method can help to prioritise butterfly conservation on the continental and/or the (sub-)national scale.
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Maes, D., Verovnik, R., Wiemers, M., Brosens, D., Beshkov, S., Bonelli, S., Buszko, J., Cantú‑Salazar, L., Cassar, L.F., Collins, S., Dincă, V., Djuric, M., Dušej, G., Elven, H., Franeta, F., Garcia‑Pereira, P., Geryak, Y., Goffart, P., Gór, A., Thiermann, U., Höttinger, H., Huemer, P., Jakšić, P., John, E., Kalivoda, H., Kati, V., Kirkland, P., Komac, B., Kőrösi, Á., Kulak, A., Kuussaari, M., L’Hoste, L., Lelo, S., Mestdagh, X., Micevski, N., Mihoci, I., Mihut, S., Monasterio‑León, Y., Morgun, D.V., Munguira, M.L., Murray, T., Stadel Nielsen, P., Ólafsson, E., Õunap, E., Pamperis, L.N., Pavlíčko, A., Pettersson, L.B., Popov, S., Popović, M., Pöyry, J., Prentice, M., Reyserhove, L., Ryrholm, N., Šašić, M., Savenkov, N., Settele, J., Sielezniew, M., Sinev, S., Stefanescu, C., Švitra, G., Tammaru, T., Tiitsaar, A., Tzirkalli, E., Tzortzakaki, O., van Swaay, C.A.M., Lykke Viborg, A., Wynhoff, I., Zografou, K., Warren, M.S. (2019):
Integrating national Red Lists for prioritising conservation actions for European butterflies
J. Insect Conserv. 23 (2), 301 - 330 10.1007/s10841-019-00127-z