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DOI 10.3897/BDJ.6.e28406
Titel (primär) OpenNahele: the open Hawaiian forest plot database
Autor Craven, D.; Knight, T.M.; Barton, K.E.; Bialic-Murphy, L.; Cordell, S.; Giardina, C.P.; Gillespie, T.W.; Ostertag, R.; Sack, L.; Chase, J.M.
Quelle Biodiversity Data Journal
Erscheinungsjahr 2018
Department BZF; iDiv
Band/Volume 6
Seite von e28406
Sprache englisch
Keywords Hawaii; forests; islands; biodiversity; community ecology; evolutionary ecology


This data paper provides a description of OpenNahele, the open Hawaiian forest plot database. OpenNahele includes 530 forest plots across the Hawaiian archipelago containing 43,590 individuals of 185 native and alien tree, shrub and tree fern species across six islands. We include estimates of maximum plant size (D950.1 and Dmax3) for 58 woody plant species, a key functional trait associated with dispersal distance and competition for light. OpenNahele can serve as a platform to test key ecological, evolutionary and conservation questions in a hotspot archipelago.

New information

OpenNahele is the first database that compiles data from a large number of forest plots across the Hawaiian archipelago to allow broad and high resolution studies of biodiversity patterns.
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Craven, D., Knight, T.M., Barton, K.E., Bialic-Murphy, L., Cordell, S., Giardina, C.P., Gillespie, T.W., Ostertag, R., Sack, L., Chase, J.M. (2018):
OpenNahele: the open Hawaiian forest plot database
Biodiver. Data J. 6 , e28406 10.3897/BDJ.6.e28406