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Titel (primär) Development and analysis of the Soil Water Infiltration Global database
Autor Rahmati, M.; Weihermüller, L.; Vanderborght, J.; Pachepsky, Y.A.; Mao, L.; Sadeghi, S.H.; Moosavi, N.; Kheirfam, H.; Montzka, C.; Van Looy, K.; Toth, B.; Hazbavi, Z.; Al Yamani, W.; Albalasmeh, A.A.; Alghzawi, M.Z.; Angulo-Jaramillo, R.; Dantas Antonino, A.C.; Arampatzis, G.; Armindo, R.A.; Asadi, H.; Bamutaze, Y.; Batlle-Aguilar, J.; Béchet, B.; Becker, F.; Blöschl, G.; Bohne, K.; Braud, I.; Castellano, C.; Cerdà, A.; Chalhoub, M.; Cichota, R.; Císlerová, M.; Clothier, B.; Coquet, Y.; Cornelis, W.; Corradini, C.; Paiva Coutinho, A.; de Oliveira, M.B.; de Macedo, J.R.; Durães, M.F.; Emami, H.; Eskandari, I.; Farajnia, A.; Flammini, A.; Fodor, N.; Gharaibeh, M.; Ghavimipanah, M.H.; Ghezzehei, T.A.; Giertz, S.; Hatzigiannakis, E.G.; Horn, R.; Jiménez, J.J.; Jacques, D.; Keesstra, S.D.; Kelishadi, H.; Kiani-Harchegani, M.; Kouselou, M.; Jha, M.K.; Lassabatere, L.; Li, X.; Liebig, M.A.; Lichner, L.; López, M.V.; Machiwal, D.; Mallants, D.; Mallmann, M.S.; de Oliveira Marques, J.D.; Marshall, M.R.; Mertens, J.; Meunier, F.; Mohammadi, M.H.; Mohanty, B.P.; Pulido-Moncada, M.; Montenegro, S.; Morbidelli, R.; Moret-Fernández, D.; Moosavi, A.A.; Moosavi, M.R.; Mousavi, S.B.; Mozaffari, H.; Nabiollahi, K.; Neyshabouri, M.R.; Ottoni, M.V.; Ottoni Filho, T.B.; Pahlavan-Rad, M.R.; Panagopoulos, A.; Peth, S.; Peyneau, P.-E.; Picciafuoco, T.; Poesen, J.; Pulido, M.; Reinert, D.J.; Reinsch, S.; Rezaei, M.; Roberts, F.P.; Robinson, D.; Rodrigo-Comino, J.; Rotunno Filho, O.C.; Saito, T.; Suganuma, H.; Saltalippi, H.; Sándor, R.; Schütt, B.; Seeger, M.; Sepehrnia, N.; Moghaddam, E.S.; Shukla, M.; Shutaro, S.; Sorando, R.; Stanley, A.A.; Strauss, P.; Su, Z.; Taghizadeh-Mehrjardi, R.; Taguas, E.; Teixeira, W.G.; Vaezi, A.R.; Vafakhah, M.; Vogel, T.; Vogeler, I.; Votrubova, J.; Werner, S.; Winarski, T.; Yilmaz, D.; Young, M.H.; Zacharias, S.; Zeng, Y.; Zhao, Y.; Zhao, H.; Vereecken, H.
Journal / Serie Earth System Science Data
Erscheinungsjahr 2018
Department MET
Band/Volume 10
Heft 3
Seite von 1237
Seite bis 1263
Sprache englisch
Abstract In this paper, we present and analyze a novel global database of soil infiltration measurements, the Soil Water Infiltration Global (SWIG) database. In total, 5023 infiltration curves were collected across all continents in the SWIG database. These data were either provided and quality checked by the scientists who performed the experiments or they were digitized from published articles. Data from 54 different countries were included in the database with major contributions from Iran, China, and the USA. In addition to its extensive geographical coverage, the collected infiltration curves cover research from 1976 to late 2017. Basic information on measurement location and method, soil properties, and land use was gathered along with the infiltration data, making the database valuable for the development of pedotransfer functions (PTFs) for estimating soil hydraulic properties, for the evaluation of infiltration measurement methods, and for developing and validating infiltration models. Soil textural information (clay, silt, and sand content) is available for 3842 out of 5023 infiltration measurements ( ∼ 76%) covering nearly all soil USDA textural classes except for the sandy clay and silt classes. Information on land use is available for 76% of the experimental sites with agricultural land use as the dominant type ( ∼ 40%). We are convinced that the SWIG database will allow for a better parameterization of the infiltration process in land surface models and for testing infiltration models. All collected data and related soil characteristics are provided online in *.xlsx and *.csv formats for reference, and we add a disclaimer that the database is for public domain use only and can be copied freely by referencing it. Supplementary data are available at (Rahmati et al., 2018). Data quality assessment is strongly advised prior to any use of this database. Finally, we would like to encourage scientists to extend and update the SWIG database by uploading new data to it.
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Rahmati, M., Weihermüller, L., Vanderborght, J., Pachepsky, Y.A., Mao, L., Sadeghi, S.H., Moosavi, N., Kheirfam, H., Montzka, C., Van Looy, K., Toth, B., Hazbavi, Z., Al Yamani, W., Albalasmeh, A.A., Alghzawi, M.Z., Angulo-Jaramillo, R., Dantas Antonino, A.C., Arampatzis, G., Armindo, R.A., Asadi, H., Bamutaze, Y., Batlle-Aguilar, J., Béchet, B., Becker, F., Blöschl, G., Bohne, K., Braud, I., Castellano, C., Cerdà, A., Chalhoub, M., Cichota, R., Císlerová, M., Clothier, B., Coquet, Y., Cornelis, W., Corradini, C., Paiva Coutinho, A., de Oliveira, M.B., de Macedo, J.R., Durães, M.F., Emami, H., Eskandari, I., Farajnia, A., Flammini, A., Fodor, N., Gharaibeh, M., Ghavimipanah, M.H., Ghezzehei, T.A., Giertz, S., Hatzigiannakis, E.G., Horn, R., Jiménez, J.J., Jacques, D., Keesstra, S.D., Kelishadi, H., Kiani-Harchegani, M., Kouselou, M., Jha, M.K., Lassabatere, L., Li, X., Liebig, M.A., Lichner, L., López, M.V., Machiwal, D., Mallants, D., Mallmann, M.S., de Oliveira Marques, J.D., Marshall, M.R., Mertens, J., Meunier, F., Mohammadi, M.H., Mohanty, B.P., Pulido-Moncada, M., Montenegro, S., Morbidelli, R., Moret-Fernández, D., Moosavi, A.A., Moosavi, M.R., Mousavi, S.B., Mozaffari, H., Nabiollahi, K., Neyshabouri, M.R., Ottoni, M.V., Ottoni Filho, T.B., Pahlavan-Rad, M.R., Panagopoulos, A., Peth, S., Peyneau, P.-E., Picciafuoco, T., Poesen, J., Pulido, M., Reinert, D.J., Reinsch, S., Rezaei, M., Roberts, F.P., Robinson, D., Rodrigo-Comino, J., Rotunno Filho, O.C., Saito, T., Suganuma, H., Saltalippi, H., Sándor, R., Schütt, B., Seeger, M., Sepehrnia, N., Moghaddam, E.S., Shukla, M., Shutaro, S., Sorando, R., Stanley, A.A., Strauss, P., Su, Z., Taghizadeh-Mehrjardi, R., Taguas, E., Teixeira, W.G., Vaezi, A.R., Vafakhah, M., Vogel, T., Vogeler, I., Votrubova, J., Werner, S., Winarski, T., Yilmaz, D., Young, M.H., Zacharias, S., Zeng, Y., Zhao, Y., Zhao, H., Vereecken, H. (2018):
Development and analysis of the Soil Water Infiltration Global database
Earth Syst. Sci. Data 10 (3), 1237 - 1263