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Titel (primär) Kharaa - Yeröö River Basin Atlas. 2nd Edition
Herausgeber Hofmann, J.; Battogtokh, D.; Borchardt, D.; Dombrowsky, I.; Galbadrakh, L.; Jadambaa, N.; Karthe, D.; Oczipka, M.; Paulsen, H.; Pfeiffer, M.; Saulyegul, A.; Scharaw, B.; Ulambadrakh, K.
Erscheinungsjahr 2017
Department ASAM
Seite bis 106
Sprache englisch
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Abstract The “Kharaa-Yeröö River Basin Atlas” is a substantial outcome of the German-Mongolian research
and development project “Integrated Water Resources Management in Central Asia: Model Region Mongolia” (MoMo project, funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in the framework of the FONA (Research for Sustainable Development) initiative. Being a synthesis of more than 10 years of joint research it aims to support river basin management issues by compiling, analyzing and representing quality assured information on land and water use. On the Mongolian side different national ministries (Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports: Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Ministry of Construction and Urban Development: Ministry of Finance) have been involved. On the scientific side the Mongolian Academy of Sciences namely with its Institute of Geography and Geoecology (IGG), the National University of Mongolia (NUM) and the Mongolian University of Science and
Technology (MUST), both in Ulaanbaatar and Darkhan, cooperated with the MoMo project. From the German side the MoMo consortium consists of different scientific institutes as well as small and medium enterprises (SME) as it is shown in the Imprint.
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Hofmann, J., Battogtokh, D., Borchardt, D., Dombrowsky, I., Galbadrakh, L., Jadambaa, N., Karthe, D., Oczipka, M., Paulsen, H., Pfeiffer, M., Saulyegul, A., Scharaw, B., Ulambadrakh, K. (eds., 2017):
Kharaa - Yeröö River Basin Atlas. 2nd Edition
Kharaa-Yeröö River Basin Administration (KYRBA), Institute of Geography and Geoecology (IGG) [u.a.], Ulaanbaatar, Berlin, 106 pp.