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DOI 10.3897/neobiota.36.21926
Titel (primär) Seven years of NeoBiota – the times, were they a changin’?
Autor Kühn, I. ORCID logo ; Pyšek, P.; Kowarik, I.
Quelle Neobiota
Erscheinungsjahr 2017
Department BZF; iDiv
Band/Volume 36
Seite von 57
Seite bis 69
Sprache englisch
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During the NEOBIOTA conference 2010 in Copenhagen (see for an overview of all conferences), the attendants decided to transform the serial of the European Group on Biological Invasions Neobiota, edited by Ingo Kowarik and Uwe Starfinger, into an international, open access journal. In the following year, NeoBiota was relaunched under the same name, but with an upper case ‘B’, by Pensoft Publishers. In the editorial of the first issue, a large group of co-editors claimed for openness in covering a broad range of issues in invasion science, including the intersections with applied and social sciences, and referring to different groups of taxa and geographical regions (Kühn et al. 2011). What happened since then? We think that it is now time to shortly reflect how the new NeoBiota journal has developed in the first years of its infancy – based on some data on the published papers, the addressed topics and the geographical background of our contributing authors.

First of all, we are pleased with the increasing visibility of NeoBiota – thankworthy to many papers by our esteemed authors that you, our readers, found interesting. Since the relaunch in 2011, we passed through two stages with respect to visibility in major bibliometric databases, namely ISI Web of Science (since 2017 Clarivate Analytics, and Scopus ( We were scrutinised for the first five years by both companies. All papers published since 2015 by NeoBiota are now listed by Web of Science as well as Scopus. But also papers published before 2015 are well visible: up to October 2017, they were cited on average, more than 6 times in Web of Science, the more conservative of the two bibliometric databases recognised in this study.

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Kühn, I., Pyšek, P., Kowarik, I. (2017):
Seven years of NeoBiota – the times, were they a changin’?
Neobiota 36 , 57 - 69 10.3897/neobiota.36.21926