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DOI 10.5507/fot.2017.005
Titel (primär) Genetic diversity in chrysophytes: Comparison of different gene markers
Autor Bock, C.; Chatzinotas, A.; Boenigk, J.
Journal / Serie Fottea
Erscheinungsjahr 2017
Department UMB; iDiv
Band/Volume 17
Heft 2
Seite von 209
Seite bis 221
Sprache englisch
Keywords Chrysophyceae, SSU, LSU, COI, ITS
UFZ Querschnittsthemen RU2;
Abstract Chrysophytes are a diverse group of protists belonging to the Stramenopiles. They encompass a broad range of nutrition strategies (phototrophy, mixotrophy and heterotrophy) and morphological forms (unicellular, colonial, branched, non-scaled to silica-scaled). However, taxonomy, identification and delineation of genera and species are hampered by the polyphyletic origin of several morphotypes and the low resolution of morphological features; moreover, description of these features requires in many cases special equipment like TEM or SEM. To test the congruent phylogeny, genetic resolution and to reveal the genetic diversity of chrysophytes, we evaluated in this study different gene markers, in particular SSU and LSU rRNA genes, ITS, and COI in terms of phylogenetic clustering, separation of phylogenetic lineages and genetic distances within and between clades. Our results showed that the general topology of the SSU rRNA gene phylogeny is similar to that of the LSU rRNA gene phylogeny, with a higher genetic divergence for the latter. The topology of the COI phylogeny differed from the ribosomal data, and showed the highest genetic divergence within groups and between groups for all compared markers. The 5.8S rRNA gene offered only a limited phylogenetic resolution with low genetic divergence. ITS showed a high genetic divergence, but phylogenetic analyses were hampered by high variance in sequence lengths between clades.
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Bock, C., Chatzinotas, A., Boenigk, J. (2017):
Genetic diversity in chrysophytes: Comparison of different gene markers
Fottea 17 (2), 209 - 221