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Titel (primär) Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning relations in European forests depend on environmental context
Autor Ratcliffe, S.; Wirth, C.; Jucker, T.; van der Plas, F.; Scherer-Lorenzen, M.; Verheyen, K.; Allan, E.; Benavides, R.; Bruelheide, H.; Ohse, B.; Paquette, A.; Ampoorter, E.; Bastias, C.C.; Bauhus, J.; Bonal, D.; Bouriaud, O.; Bussotti, F.; Carnol, M.; Castagneyrol, B.; Chećko, E.; Dawud, S.M.; De Wandeler, H.; Domisch, T.; Finer, L.; Fischer, M.; Fotelli, M.; Gessler, A.; Granier, A.; Grossiord, C.; Guyot, V.; Haase, J.; Hättenschwiler, S.; Jactel, H.; Jaroszewicz, B.; Joly, F.-X.; Kambach, S.; Kolb, S.; Koricheva, J.; Liebersgesell, M.; Milligan, H.; Müller, S.; Muys, B.; Nguyen, D.; Nock, C.; Pollastrini, M.; Purschke, O.; Radoglou, K.; Raulund-Rasmussen, K.; Roger, F.; Ruiz-Benito, P.; Seidl, R.; Selvi, F.; Seiferling, I.; Stenlid, J.; Valladares, F.; Vesterdal, L.; Baeten, L.
Journal / Serie Ecology Letters
Erscheinungsjahr 2017
Department BZF; iDiv
Band/Volume 20
Heft 11
Seite von 1414
Seite bis 1426
Sprache englisch
Keywords Functional diversity; FunDivEUROPE; growing season length; multifunctionality; resource heterogeneity; species richness; water availability
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Abstract The importance of biodiversity in supporting ecosystem functioning is generally well accepted. However, most evidence comes from small-scale studies, and scaling-up patterns of biodiversity–ecosystem functioning (B-EF) remains challenging, in part because the importance of environmental factors in shaping B-EF relations is poorly understood. Using a forest research platform in which 26 ecosystem functions were measured along gradients of tree species richness in six regions across Europe, we investigated the extent and the potential drivers of context dependency of B-EF relations. Despite considerable variation in species richness effects across the continent, we found a tendency for stronger B-EF relations in drier climates as well as in areas with longer growing seasons and more functionally diverse tree species. The importance of water availability in driving context dependency suggests that as water limitation increases under climate change, biodiversity may become even more important to support high levels of functioning in European forests.
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Ratcliffe, S., Wirth, C., Jucker, T., van der Plas, F., Scherer-Lorenzen, M., Verheyen, K., Allan, E., Benavides, R., Bruelheide, H., Ohse, B., Paquette, A., Ampoorter, E., Bastias, C.C., Bauhus, J., Bonal, D., Bouriaud, O., Bussotti, F., Carnol, M., Castagneyrol, B., Chećko, E., Dawud, S.M., De Wandeler, H., Domisch, T., Finer, L., Fischer, M., Fotelli, M., Gessler, A., Granier, A., Grossiord, C., Guyot, V., Haase, J., Hättenschwiler, S., Jactel, H., Jaroszewicz, B., Joly, F.-X., Kambach, S., Kolb, S., Koricheva, J., Liebersgesell, M., Milligan, H., Müller, S., Muys, B., Nguyen, D., Nock, C., Pollastrini, M., Purschke, O., Radoglou, K., Raulund-Rasmussen, K., Roger, F., Ruiz-Benito, P., Seidl, R., Selvi, F., Seiferling, I., Stenlid, J., Valladares, F., Vesterdal, L., Baeten, L. (2017):
Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning relations in European forests depend on environmental context
Ecol. Lett. 20 (11), 1414 - 1426