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Titel (primär) Back to nature! Or not? Urban dwellers and their forest in Berlin
Autor Larondelle, N.; Haase, D.;
Journal / Serie Urban Ecosystems
Erscheinungsjahr 2017
Department CLE;
Band/Volume 20
Heft 5
Sprache englisch;
POF III (gesamt) T13;
Keywords Urban forest; Berlin; Survey; Nature perception; Urban forest management
UFZ Querschnittsthemen RU6;
Abstract What type of urban nature do urban dwellers prefer? Contributing to this ongoing discussion, this study presents the results of an internet and on-site field survey on general use and visitation pattern conducted in Grunewald Forest via a questionnaire; this is a 3000 ha area southwest of Berlin, Germany. The questions were developed in close cooperation with the local forestry administration and targeted the uncovering of user-specific needs and climate change-related conflicts. More than 1300 valid answers were analyzed, which made it possible to (1) identify and characterize different visitor groups, (2) identify reasons for an urban forest visit, (3) uncover the needs for infrastructure and information, (4) reflect on the survey methods used. The interesting findings include (I) the reasons for a visit highly coincide with forest-related properties in particular; however, the infrastructure preferences reveal the desire for managed greenspace; and (II) the answers obtained from the field differ significantly from those obtained online in various respects. The differences found suggest that the survey, with both online and on-site answers, is a major advantage for future studies regarding urban green infrastructure use. These results can be fruitfully used to inform urban forest management regarding user needs and create a better forestry information policy in the future.
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Larondelle, N., Haase, D. (2017):
Back to nature! Or not? Urban dwellers and their forest in Berlin
Urban Ecosyst. 20 (5), 1069 - 1079