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DOI 10.1038/s41559-017-0325-1
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Titel (primär) Diversity-dependent temporal divergence of ecosystem functioning in experimental ecosystems
Autor Guerrero-Ramírez, N.R.; Craven, D.; Reich, P.B.; Ewel, J.J.; Isbell, F.; Koricheva, J.; Parrotta, J.A.; Auge, H. ORCID logo ; Erickson, H.E.; Forrester, D.I.; Hector, A.; Joshi, J.; Montagnini, F.; Palmborg, C.; Piotto, D.; Potvin, C.; Roscher, C.; van Ruijven, J.; Tilman, D.; Wilsey, B.; Eisenhauer, N.
Quelle Nature Ecology & Evolution
Erscheinungsjahr 2017
Department BZF; iDiv; PHYDIV
Band/Volume 1
Heft 11
Seite von 1639
Seite bis 1642
Sprache englisch
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Abstract The effects of biodiversity on ecosystem functioning generally increase over time, but the underlying processes remain unclear. Using 26 long-term grassland and forest experimental ecosystems, we demonstrate that biodiversity–ecosystem functioning relationships strengthen mainly by greater increases in functioning in high-diversity communities in grasslands and forests. In grasslands, biodiversity effects also strengthen due to decreases in functioning in low-diversity communities. Contrasting trends across grasslands are associated with differences in soil characteristics.
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Guerrero-Ramírez, N.R., Craven, D., Reich, P.B., Ewel, J.J., Isbell, F., Koricheva, J., Parrotta, J.A., Auge, H., Erickson, H.E., Forrester, D.I., Hector, A., Joshi, J., Montagnini, F., Palmborg, C., Piotto, D., Potvin, C., Roscher, C., van Ruijven, J., Tilman, D., Wilsey, B., Eisenhauer, N. (2017):
Diversity-dependent temporal divergence of ecosystem functioning in experimental ecosystems
Nat. Ecol. Evol. 1 (11), 1639 - 1642 10.1038/s41559-017-0325-1