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DOI 10.1016/j.cities.2017.02.006
Titel (primär) Urban shrinkage in Germany: An entangled web of conditions, debates and policies
Autor Nelle, A.; Großmann, K.; Haase, D.; Kabisch, S.; Rink, D.; Wolff, M.
Journal / Serie Cities
Erscheinungsjahr 2017
Department CLE; SUSOZ
Band/Volume 69
Seite von 116
Seite bis 123
Sprache englisch
Keywords Urban shrinkage; Shrinking cities; Urban policies; Stadtumbau; Out-migration; Housing vacancies; Germany
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Abstract Interest in urban shrinkage has steadily grown among scholars worldwide and Germany has received great attention in shrinkage-related research. Little has been written, however, about how the discussion of urban shrinkage has shaped policy responses and vice versa. This paper seeks to fill this gap with respect to the German experience by examining the relationship between (1) the state and conditions of shrinkage, (2) the discussion, and (3) the design and implementation of policies to address the challenges posed by shrinkage. Covering a time span from the 1970s to today, we explore four distinct chronological phases of this triangular relationship. Particular focus is directed to the rapid shrinkage trajectory of eastern Germany in the 1990s, which was seen as a particularly critical challenge, and which was addressed nationally by public policies through the unique development program known as Stadtumbau Ost. Based on our analysis, we conclude that the phases of the German experience identified represent paradigmatic situations that can be found elsewhere, and thus provide insight into why debates on urban shrinkage emerge, how they result in policies and vice versa and, finally, what can be learnt from this great body of knowledge.
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Nelle, A., Großmann, K., Haase, D., Kabisch, S., Rink, D., Wolff, M. (2017):
Urban shrinkage in Germany: An entangled web of conditions, debates and policies
Cities 69 , 116 - 123