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Titel (primär) The global amphibian trade flows through Europe: the need for enforcing and improving legislation
Autor Auliya, M.; García-Moreno, J.; Schmidt, B.R.; Schmeller, D.S.; Hoogmoed, M.S.; Fisher, M.C.; Pasmans, F.; Henle, K.; Bickford, D.; Martel, A.;
Journal / Serie Biodiversity and Conservation
Erscheinungsjahr 2016
Department NSF;
Band/Volume 25
Heft 13
Sprache englisch;
POF III (gesamt) T12; T19;
Keywords Convention on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and floraAmphibian; Conservation; Disease; European Union; Global amphibian trade; Wildlife trade legislation
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Abstract The global amphibian trade is suspected to have brought several species to the brink of extinction, and has led to the spread of amphibian pathogens. Moreover, international trade is not regulated for ~98 % of species. Here we outline patterns and complexity underlying global amphibian trade, highlighting some loopholes that need to be addressed, focusing on the European Union. In spite of being one of the leading amphibian importers, the EU’s current legislation is insufficient to prevent overharvesting of those species in demand or the introduction and/or spread of amphibian pathogens into captive and wild populations. We suggest steps to improve the policy (implementation and enforcement) framework, including (i) an identifier specifically for amphibians in the World Customs Organisation’s harmonised system, (ii) Parties to CITES should strive to include more species in the CITES appendices, and (iii) restriction or suspension of trade of threatened species, restricted-range species, and species protected in their country of origin. Commercial trade should not put survival of amphibian species further at risk.
ID 18118
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Auliya, M., García-Moreno, J., Schmidt, B.R., Schmeller, D.S., Hoogmoed, M.S., Fisher, M.C., Pasmans, F., Henle, K., Bickford, D., Martel, A. (2016):
The global amphibian trade flows through Europe: the need for enforcing and improving legislation
Biodivers. Conserv. 25 (13), 2581 - 2595