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Titel (primär) The DaNa2.0 knowledge base on nanomaterials – Communicating current nanosafety research based on evaluated literature data
Autor Nau, K.; Bohmer, N.; Kühnel, D.; Marquardt, C.; Paul, F.; Steinbach, C.; Krug, H.F.
Journal / Serie Journal of Materials Education
Erscheinungsjahr 2016
Department BIOTOX
Band/Volume 38
Heft 3-4
Seite von 93
Seite bis 108
Sprache englisch
Keywords nanomaterials, knowledge base, communication, reliability, literature quality criteria
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Abstract The success of nanotechnology is particularly based on its versatility. It will bring about fundamental changes of basic research as well as of many sectors of industry. It will also have a great impact on our daily life ranging from electronics to the health care system. However, consumers and students often miss reliable and understandable information on nanomaterials and nanotechnology and do not know where to get such information. Communicating scientific facts to the public is an ambitious task, because complex issues need to be simplified and scientific correctness needs to be ensured at the same time. Due to the multidisciplinary nature of nanotechnology, the communication on the related safety aspects is particularly challenging. Nevertheless, as nanomaterials already are contained in many products of everyday-life, there is a high public interest in reliable and easy to understand information. These points are addressed by a publicly funded communication project called DaNa (Data and knowledge on nanomaterials; in German: Daten und Wissen zu Nanomaterialien), which provides information about nanomaterials and their safety assessment. DaNa and the second edition, DaNa2.0 are activities aimed at collecting and evaluating scientific results in an interdisciplinary approach utilizing scientists from different research areas. Research findings from the field of human and environmental nanotoxicology are presented together with material properties and possible applications for interested laymen, stakeholders and scientists on the website Reliable data and information for actually 26 different materials and many cross cutting topics (e.g. nanomedicine and toner) are offered.
The challenge of communicating complex contents in an appropriate way requires the use of different instruments. The DaNa-team developed various strategies and tools to deal with huge amounts of partly inconsistent data and summarizes them for different target groups. These general and web-specific tools are introduced and explained in detail in this article, as well as measures used to monitor success of the methodology.
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Nau, K., Bohmer, N., Kühnel, D., Marquardt, C., Paul, F., Steinbach, C., Krug, H.F. (2016):
The DaNa2.0 knowledge base on nanomaterials – Communicating current nanosafety research based on evaluated literature data
J. Mat. Educ. 38 (3-4), 93 - 108