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DOI 10.1093/biosci/biw101
Titel (primär) National ecosystem assessments in Europe: a review
Autor Schröter, M.; Albert, C.; Marques, A.; Tobon, W.; Lavorel, S.; Maes, J.; Brown, C.; Klotz, S.; Bonn, A.
Journal / Serie BioScience
Erscheinungsjahr 2016
Department BZF; UPOL; iDiv; ESS
Band/Volume 66
Heft 10
Seite von 813
Seite bis 828
Sprache englisch
Keywords IPBES; ecosystem service mapping; quantification; boundary object; conservation
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Abstract National ecosystem assessments form an essential knowledge base for safeguarding biodiversity and ecosystem services. We analyze eight European (sub-)national ecosystem assessments (Portugal, United Kingdom, Spain, Norway, Flanders, Netherlands, Finland, and Germany) and compare their objectives, political context, methods, and operationalization. We observed remarkable differences in breadth of the assessment, methods employed, variety of services considered, policy mandates, and funding mechanisms. Biodiversity and ecosystem services are mainly assessed independently, with biodiversity conceptualized as underpinning services, as a source of conflict with services, or as a service in itself. Recommendations derived from our analysis for future ecosystem assessments include the needs to improve the common evidence base, to advance the mapping of services, to consider international flows of services, and to connect more strongly to policy questions. Although the context specificity of national ecosystem assessments is acknowledged as important, a greater harmonization across assessments could help to better inform common European policies and future pan-regional assessments.
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Schröter, M., Albert, C., Marques, A., Tobon, W., Lavorel, S., Maes, J., Brown, C., Klotz, S., Bonn, A. (2016):
National ecosystem assessments in Europe: a review
Bioscience 66 (10), 813 - 828