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DOI 10.17815/jlsrf-2-98
Titel (primär) TERENO: German network of terrestrial environmental observatories
Autor Bogena, H.; Borg, E.; Brauer, A.; Dietrich, P. ORCID logo ; Hajnsek, I.; Heinrich, I.; Kiese, R.; Kunkel, R.; Kunstmann, H.; Merz, B.; Priesack, E.; Pütz, T.; Schmid, H.P.; Wollschläger, U.; Vereecken, H.; Zacharias, S. ORCID logo
Quelle Journal of Large-Scale Research Facilities
Erscheinungsjahr 2016
Department MET; BOPHY
Band/Volume 2
Seite von A52
Sprache englisch
Keywords TERENO
UFZ Querschnittsthemen TERENO; RU5;
Abstract Central elements of the TERENO network are “terrestrial observatories” at the catchment scale which were selected in climate sensitive regions of Germany for the regional analyses of climate change impacts. Within these observatories small scale research facilities and test areas are placed in order to accomplish energy, water, carbon and nutrient process studies across the different compartments of the terrestrial environment. Following a hierarchical scaling approach (point-plot-field) these detailed information and the gained knowledge will be transferred to the regional scale using integrated modelling approaches. Furthermore, existing research stations are enhanced and embedded within the observatories. In addition, mobile measurement platforms enable monitoring of dynamic processes at the local scale up to the determination of spatial pattern at the regional scale are applied within TERENO.
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Bogena, H., Borg, E., Brauer, A., Dietrich, P., Hajnsek, I., Heinrich, I., Kiese, R., Kunkel, R., Kunstmann, H., Merz, B., Priesack, E., Pütz, T., Schmid, H.P., Wollschläger, U., Vereecken, H., Zacharias, S. (2016):
TERENO: German network of terrestrial environmental observatories
Journal of Large-Scale Research Facilities 2 , A52 10.17815/jlsrf-2-98