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Titel (primär) The power of regeneration: lessons from a degraded grassland
Autor Blanke, V.; Schulze, B.; Gerighausen, U.; Küster, S.; Rothe, R.; Schulze, H.; Siñeriz, M.;
Journal / Serie Restoration Ecology
Erscheinungsjahr 2007
Department BOOEK;
Band/Volume 15
Heft 2
Sprache englisch;
Keywords ecosystem functioning; grassland; industrial pollution; regeneration; restoration; Steudnitz
Abstract To gain insight into mechanisms controlling ecosystem regeneration, we investigated a grassland that was heavily polluted by a phosphate fertilizer factory between 1960 and 1990. Abiotic and biotic filters that influenced species assemblage and succession were monitored and restoration approaches assessed. Studies included the investigation of soil parameters, impact of abiotic stress on microbes and plants, plant succession, recolonization mechanisms, functional group interactions, mycorrhizal diversity and function, and food web analysis. Results indicate that after cessation of pollution, the system had high potential for self-recovery. About 15 years of research are now summarized by interrelating the results of all projects and fitting them into one conceptual model.
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Blanke, V., Schulze, B., Gerighausen, U., Küster, S., Rothe, R., Schulze, H., Siñeriz, M. (2007):
The power of regeneration: lessons from a degraded grassland
Restor. Ecol. 15 (2), 307 - 311