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Titel (primär) Does Germany need capacity payments now to secure its electricity supply?
Autor Lehmann, P.; Brandt, R.; Gawel, E.; Heim, S.; Korte, K. ORCID logo ; Löschel, A.; Massier, P.; Reeg, M.; Schober, D.; Wassermann, S.
Quelle Policy Brief
Erscheinungsjahr 2015
Department OEKON
Band/Volume 1
Seite bis 10
Sprache englisch
Abstract Although the objectives of the Energiewende (energy transition) are broadly accepted in Germany, the practical ways of achieving them remain highly contentious. In particular, the question of whether and how security of supply can be guaranteed over the course of this profound transformation of the energy system is currently the subject of controversy in the scientific and public debate. Recently, calls for additional payments to power plant operators for providing generation capacity have grown increasingly loud. But the introduction of capacity
payments of this sort could have far-reaching consequences for the future organisation of Germany’s electricity supply. Therefore the political decision on this issue – which is scheduled for this year – should not be made without a sound scientific analysis.
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Lehmann, P., Brandt, R., Gawel, E., Heim, S., Korte, K., Löschel, A., Massier, P., Reeg, M., Schober, D., Wassermann, S. (2015):
Does Germany need capacity payments now to secure its electricity supply?
Policy Brief 1
Helmholtz-Allianz ENERGY- TRANS, 10 pp.