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Titel (primär) The governance of urban shrinkage in cities of post-socialist Europe: policies, strategies and actors
Autor Rink, D.; Couch, C.; Haase, A.; Krzysztofik, R.; Nadolu, B.; Rumpel, P.;
Journal / Serie Urban Research & Practice
Erscheinungsjahr 2014
Department SUSOZ;
Band/Volume 7
Heft 3
Sprache englisch;
POF III (gesamt) T13;
Keywords shrinkage; governance; strategies; post-socialist cities
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Abstract This paper presents results of an international comparative research project ‘Smart governance of shrinking cities in a European context’. In recent years, many European cities have experienced urban shrinkage (population decline). Whereas there has been a wealth of research into the governance of growing cities, little consideration has been given to the governance of and policy responses to shrinking cities, particularly in relation to the declining cities of post-socialist Central and Eastern Europe. The aim of this paper is to compare the governance responses to shrinkage in different national contexts and assess the policy responses applied. This is done through the comparison of case studies examining the governance of shrinkage in Leipzig (Germany), Bytom (Poland), Ostrava (Czechia) and Timisoara (Romania). Two different strategies have been identified. First, Leipzig – due to its inclusion in the (former Western) German welfare state – followed a reasonably holistic strategy implemented by strong public actors focused not only on economic growth, but also on tackling issues of falling housing demand and the need to strengthen the attractivity of city centre. Second, in Ostrava, Bytom and Timisoara strategies have been inspired by neoliberal thinking, denying the important role of public sector city planning and ignoring the fact of shrinkage. In these cities, the main reply to shrinkage has been to seek economic development through the attraction of private investment (especially FDI) into the cities and using pragmatically any EU structural funding.
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Rink, D., Couch, C., Haase, A., Krzysztofik, R., Nadolu, B., Rumpel, P. (2014):
The governance of urban shrinkage in cities of post-socialist Europe: policies, strategies and actors
Urban Research & Practice 7 (3), 258 - 277