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DOI 10.2478/cass-2014-0006
Titel (primär) Shades of greening: reviewing the impact of the new EU agricultural policy on ecosystem services
Autor Hauck, J.; Schleyer, C.; Winkler, K.J.; Maes, J.
Journal / Serie Change and Adaptation in Socio-Ecological Systems
Erscheinungsjahr 2014
Department UPOL
Band/Volume 1
Heft 1
Seite von 51
Seite bis 62
Sprache englisch
Keywords CAP; Greening; Environmental Services; Impact Assessment; Preferences; Ecological Focus Areas; Maintaining Permanent Grassland; Crop Diversification
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Abstract In December 2013, the EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council formally adopted the new regulations for
the reformed Common Agricultural Policy (2014-2020). The new regulations include three obligatory greening measures: ecological focus areas, maintaining permanent grassland, and crop diversification. We assess the impact of these measures on ecosystem services using scientific and gray literature. The literature review reveals that the adopted greening measures will have mixed effects, i.e., trade-offs and
synergies across ecosystems services. Provisioning services, in particular crop production, are expected to decrease when the measures are implemented. All other service categories, i.e., regulating and cultural services, will increase – or are at least will not obviously be negatively affected – once the measures are implemented. However, in terms of tradeoffs and synergies, much depends on objectives being pursued, the baseline or alternative land use underlying the comparison, and on the prevalent farming systems and farm characteristics. Including the ecosystem services concept into the design and assessment of policies would allow a systematic review of the consequences of measures also for services otherwise easily ignored.
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Hauck, J., Schleyer, C., Winkler, K.J., Maes, J. (2014):
Shades of greening: reviewing the impact of the new EU agricultural policy on ecosystem services
Change and Adaptation in Socio-Ecological Systems 1 (1), 51 - 62