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Titel (primär) Effects of native organic material and water on sorption reference diesel soot
Autor Endo, S.; Grathwohl, P.; Haderlein, S.B.; Schmidt, T.C.;
Journal / Serie Environmental Science & Technology
Erscheinungsjahr 2009
Department AUC;
Band/Volume 43
Heft 9
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Abstract Soot has been considered as a potentially important sorbent for organic contaminants in soils, sediments, and aerosols. This paper demonstrates that native (authigenic) extractable organic material (EOM) and surface-covering water on soot may have a substantial influence on sorption properties of the soot. Sorption isotherms were determined for apolar and weakly polar sorbates (n-octane, cyclooctane, n-propylbenzene, naphthalene) from an aqueous solution to a standard reference material of diesel soot (SRM 2975) in the original state and after extraction with methanol. For all sorbates tested, removal of EOM from soot by methanol caused the sorption isotherms to be more nonlinear (decrease of Freundlich exponents by 0.19-0.25) compared to the untreated soot. The changes in the isotherms depend on both sorbate structure and sorbate concentration and can be accounted for by two opposing roles that EOM could have on the sorption properties of soot: (i) enhancing the overall sorption by absorbing the sorbate into the EOM phase, and (ii) attenuating the sorbate adsorption to the soot carbon surface through sorption competition or site blockage. The n-alkane-to-cycloalkane sorption coefficient ratios (K-n/K-c) indicated that the removal of EOM altered the sorption mode for alkanes from absorption to adsorption. A comparison of the sorption isotherms measured in aqueous suspensions with the soot-air sorption coefficients reported for SRM 2975 in the literature showed that sorption to "soot in water" is significantly weaker than sorption to "soot in air", indicating that complete surface coverage with water suppresses the sorption by soot.
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Endo, S., Grathwohl, P., Haderlein, S.B., Schmidt, T.C. (2009):
Effects of native organic material and water on sorption reference diesel soot
Environ. Sci. Technol. 43 (9), 3187 - 3193