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DOI 10.5071/22ndEUBCE2014-4BO.11.5
Titel (primär) Transparency and harmonization amongst evaluation methods
Titel (sekundär) 22nd European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, 24/25 June 2014, Hamburg, Germany
Autor Thrän, D.; Pfeiffer, D.
Herausgeber Hoffmann, C.; Baxter, D.; Maniatis, K.; Grassi, A.; Helm, P.
Quelle European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EUBCE) Proceedings
Erscheinungsjahr 2014
Band/Volume 2014
Seite von 1362
Seite bis 1372
Sprache englisch
Keywords assessment; calorific value; conversion systems; efficiency; economical aspects; LCA; mass flow analysis
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Abstract Efficient climate protection, energy efficiency and sustainability are a prerequisite for future bioenergy systems and the objectives outlined in the German funding programme "Biomass for Energy". In this programme 225 partners from research and industry conducting research on the optimisation of the production and use of bioenergy. The measurability and the comparability of the results are an important requirement for the overall assessment and thus development of efficient bioenergy systems. In view of this background a method handbook for material flow­oriented balancing of greenhouse gas effects was developed within the programme. The objective of the method handbook presented in this paper is to provide a consistent base for essential calculation and assessment methods of selected energetic­economic­ecological analyses. The suggested documentation templates and methodologies should serve all projects as general and / or additional basis for the assessment. Thus, the method handbook presents a first approach of method harmonization within the funding programme to assess the sustainability of bioenergy systems. It also provides a set of valuable coherent data for the assessment of biomass potentials, energy and material flows of the various conversion processes, levelised costs of energy and the reduction of GHG­emissions. Additionally handbooks for measurement methods to describe the conversion processes have been developed particularly.
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Thrän, D., Pfeiffer, D. (2014):
Transparency and harmonization amongst evaluation methods
In: Hoffmann, C., Baxter, D., Maniatis, K., Grassi, A., Helm, P. (eds.)
22nd European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, 24/25 June 2014, Hamburg, Germany
EUBCE Proceedings 2014
ETA-Florence Renewable Energies, Florence, p. 1362 - 1372 10.5071/22ndEUBCE2014-4BO.11.5