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Titel (primär) Protein detection with aptamer biosensors
Autor Strehlitz, B.; Nikolaus, N.; Stoltenburg, R.;
Journal / Serie Sensors
Erscheinungsjahr 2008
Department UBZ;
Band/Volume 8
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Keywords aptamer; protein; biosensor; SELEX
Abstract Aptamers have been developed for different applications. Their use as new biological recognition elements in biosensors promises progress for fast and easy detection of proteins. This new generation of biosensor (aptasensors) will be more stable and well adapted to the conditions of real samples because of the specific properties of aptamers.
ID 1502
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Strehlitz, B., Nikolaus, N., Stoltenburg, R. (2008):
Protein detection with aptamer biosensors
Sensors 8 , 4296 - 4307