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Titel (primär) Exploring an environmental conflict from a capability perspective
Autor Griewald, Y.; Rauschmayer, F.
Journal / Serie Ecological Economics
Erscheinungsjahr 2014
Department UPOL
Band/Volume 100
Seite von 30
Seite bis 39
Sprache englisch
Keywords Nature protection; Flood protection; Environmental conflict; Capability approach; Collective actors
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Abstract Using the capability approach, we analyse a recent environmental conflict in the city of Leipzig, Germany. Following its concept of flood protection, a state authority felled thousands of trees in a highly popular nature protection area, which culminated in public protests and lawsuits. In analysing this conflict, we pursue a twofold aim: (1) to better understand the conflict at hand, and (2) to explore the advantages and limitations of using the capability approach for addressing an environmental conflict involving collective actors. We use qualitative research methods to examine the case, relying upon semi-structured interviews with key stakeholders as well as a document analysis. The freedom-agency lens of the capability approach proves helpful in analysing the actors' positions and interplay in the conflict. However, its limitations also become visible. We suggest that one should go beyond the variables included in a typical capability generation framework to understand the case better: certain variables need to be elaborated in more detail while some further variables need to be added to the framework.
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Griewald, Y., Rauschmayer, F. (2014):
Exploring an environmental conflict from a capability perspective
Ecol. Econ. 100 , 30 - 39