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Referenztyp Buchkapitel
DOI 10.1201/b15403
Titel (primär) Aptamer-nanomaterial conjugates for medical applications
Titel (sekundär) Bioengineered nanomaterials
Autor Reinemann, C.; Strehlitz, B.
Herausgeber Tiwari, A.; Tiwari, A.
Erscheinungsjahr 2013
Department UBZ
Seite von 29
Seite bis 59
Sprache englisch
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Abstract Due to their multiple attributes, aptamers are the most qualied nanosystems for the development of new biomedical devices for analytical, imaging, drug delivery, and many other medical applications. For instance, the common use of nanoparticles for drug delivering and bioimaging can be substantially improved by modication with aptamers to enhance the specic binding of the nanoparticles via the specic aptamer binding to their target molecule. Aptamers can serve as “drive propulsion system” for the transport of the nanoparticles to their site of action caused by the target afnity of the aptamers.
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Reinemann, C., Strehlitz, B. (2013):
Aptamer-nanomaterial conjugates for medical applications
In: Tiwari, A., Tiwari, A. (eds.)
Bioengineered nanomaterials
CRC Press, Hoboken, p. 29 - 59 10.1201/b15403